Day 3 Routine Uplevel Challenge

Now that you have planned for a true weekend break, we'll do something you can practice immediately.  For Day 3, we're going to optimize digestion.


Today's challenge

Activate your parasympathetic nervous system before eating.

Why this is powerful medicine

Your autonomic nervous system has a two major modes. One is to get things done, and be active. The other is to rest and digest. 

If you're like me and tend to eat while getting things done, you're also inhibiting the breakdown, assimilation and movement of food. This leads to gas, bloating, irregular bowel movements, poor nutrient absorption, and never really feeling satisfied. 

Being present to eat, and only eat cues our internal clocks and optimizes digestion, and energy levels. 

It also allows us to enjoy our food more, and feel when we are full to prevent overeating. 


How to get into digest mode

Sit down to eat. Take three deep breaths before you take your first bite. It's a great time to connect to your food in appreciation of what it gives you.

Again, this may be easy or super challenging depending on what habits you've developed since childhood. Culture and family dynamics can either support or hinder this practice.

I fight my kids to not have them in front of any screens while eating, because these habits may help them when they realize digestion matters in their 30s-40s.  

forcing myself to not eat straight from the pan or pantry, 


Our routines are intimately connected to our lifestyle habits, which determine our health. It’s obvious, yet often left unconsidered when people go for quick-fixes for symptoms. 

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