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Damn Girl.

We're depleted.

Stressed to do more

Not feeling happy and healthy most of the time. 

We're buying all the healthy things. But, are we changing how we feel? 

You're a rarity - if you're a woman who doesn't have chronic digestive issues, anxiety, depression, auto-immune processes, eating issues, insomnia, or cancer. 

Oh, you have a few of those issues? Yeah, me too. 

We're missing the big picture.

And, don't have the basics of a happy healthy life in place.

Let your life be your medicine.



(dramatic emphasis)

1 in 3 will get cancer.

The latest stats say one in three women in the U.S. will get cancer.* One in five will die with it. 

2X as stressed as men.

Women are twice as likely to get diagnosed with anxiety** or have insomnia.***

Our bodies suffer more.

We live longer, but suffering with chronic pain (and fatigue) more.****  

modern medicine meets spiritual yoga

I'm into the latest research, but prefer natural approaches. I'm into symptom relief, but also want to hit that root cause. Integration and fluidity are the ways I approach the practice of feeling well.

That's why I created FoodSexSleep - it's an education platform with Mind-Body, and East-West, approaches to getting the foundation of your wellness lifestyle together. Finally.

Here, we, as women, support each other choosing life energetics that don't leave us feeling depleted. 

In the process, we evolve

It's a freakin' FoodSexSleep lifestyle evolution in your pants. I mean, your life.

Namaste Sistah, Siva

BA Neuroscience, Magna Cum Laude, Pomona College

MD Cornell University, Weill Medical College

MPH UC Berkeley, School of Public Health


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And watching Dr. Oz isn't going to solve it.

 After 20 years of studying wellness. from Neuropsych to Shamanic, what I've learned is that the tools for health are infinite. No matter what the latest fad, or research, one thing won't change - 


nourishment (food), creative power (sex) & restorative supports (sleep)

determine how we feel. 


the holy trinity of wellness lifestyle.

You can't be well if you don't have your FoodSexSleep lifestyle feeling good.

Yet, as women, these are the first areas of life we sacrifice.

If we had ourselves together in these three crucial arenas of life - we'd be feeling vibrant all the time. That's BS. We're cyclical. But, at least, we'd feel more vibrant more of the time.   

And, we wouldn't be having all these health issues. 

Instead of falling for the latest detox trend on Instagram, set up your wellness lifestyle foundation like a rockstar Vrksasana. 


It's not an overnight thing.

It's more of a lifelong journey of listening to your body and emotions and understanding what's needed to be healthy, for you, at that time.

First, learn the basics of this lifestyle approach. AND get to know yourself, and your life, in a new way. 


Get yo' Foodsexsleep on, baby. 

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