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I cover traditional Ayurveda topics with fresh realism: Ayurbasics, Seasonal practices, digestive wellness, and women's health. My work is all heavily steeped in emotional wellness practices, from manifestation, to moon rituals, to parenting.

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"I loved the video of your son mixing the turmeric and ginger etc. My favorite part was when you asked him what you do with it after you mix it and he said, "That's a secret!" He's adorable!!"


"And speaking of your newsletters, I really enjoy reading them. You are a really talented writer, and the honesty in your writing is really beautiful."


"I was so surprised (but not at the same time) to read this about the 'unspoken.' I recently published a podcast about this exactly, but discussed different aspects of the unspoken! Not surprising because we are in the same wavelength on some level perhaps. Thank you for your powerful and nice message. Yes, practicing loving myself as well! "


"Love all your authentic shares and hope to read your book and attend one of your health workshops soon:-)))"


"Thanks You Siva! This was well speaking to me! I have to admit that I have been carry this myself...working on to change the pattern and show honesty to my little one:) My intention is to rewrite this and stay honest to myself and others:) We only can change what is Now. "


"I love this Siva. I am with you on this journey! ❤"


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"I really appreciate this sweet share, and really think you had some important revelations."


"This message was a godsend for me! Timing could not have been more perfect! Thanks for keeping on showing me the way!"


"So cool how you share, open and vulnerable.. Go Mama"


modern medicine meets spiritual ayurveda

I'm into the latest research, but prefer natural approaches. I love symptom relief, but also want to address root causes - especially emotional ones.

Integration and fluidity are the ways I practice feeling well.

To me, modern health is using all the tools of the East-West, old-new, to customize our healing path.

Ayurveda is a conscious lifestyle in which we grow our awareness, and apply it to change our experience.

In the process, we evolve

BA Neuroscience, Magna Cum Laude, Pomona College

MD Cornell University, Weill Medical College

MPH UC Berkeley, School of Public Health


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