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I'm excited to offer new content and new ways to share experiences, from guided programs to immersive retreats.

Jan 24 11a EST

Navajo y Vainilla Cafe in Puerto Aventuras, MX

Food As Medicine Workshop

In this live talk, I'll overview how to approach food as medicine. We'll go over approaches to cold care and skin care with food as examples.

We can also share my signature chai, (now being served at Navajo!) while we learn together on a Sunday afternoon. 

suggested donation 200MXN

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Jan 30 1p PDT online

Loyola Marymount University,  LA

Ayurveda for Self Care Class

This class is a part of the Ayurveda for Self Care course at LMU. Those interested in joining in the fall of 2021 are welcome to join in to preview the class! 

Email [email protected] to RSVP for access. 

Mar 28 4p EDT online

Digesting Life virtual mini retreat with McKinley Tennant @kinyoga

We'll spend a few hours learning tools and building our insight on digesting well - physically and emotionally.

This is an informational and experiential blend of yoga, meditation, eating, and self reflection. 

We'll start with a yogic practice. McKinley will get us settled within ourselves, and guide us through practices to improve digestion - asana, pranayam, and meditation. 

I'll lead us through a guided abdominal self massage - a great way to get in touch with your tummy, as well as to calm and soothe. 

We'll share a silent meal together, and learn the best ways to approach eating as we experience them firsthand. 

Once we've nourished ourselves, I'll guide self reflective assessments on digestive patterns so you are clear on where you are at and what you need to support YOUR digestion. We'll discuss digestive supports from Ayurveda, and I'll do live case study with participants so we can learn through each other's experiences. 

Of course, we'll send you off with resources and insight to support your digestion for years to come. 

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Apr 5 - 11 online

Weeklong guided cleanse with Ayurvedic chef Meredith Klein. 

I'll be teaching Seasonal Ayurveda hacks midweek.

The Pranaful Cleanse was designed by Meredith as a hybrid juice fast and Ayurvedic cleanse, to provide an experience that is both effective in facilitating detoxification, while also nourishing for body, mind and spirit. The cleanse is perfect whether you are an experienced cleanser or if this is your first cleansing experience, and is particularly effective for individuals who have struggled with liquids-only fasts. (Note: juicing is optional and a cooked breakfast option is offered as part of the cleanse plan for those who do not have a juicer or would prefer something a bit more substantial in the mornings).

Perhaps what people love most about the Pranaful Cleanse is the deep space it creates for personal reflection/introspection, and the opportunity to be supported by a loving, vibrant online community. Each day, you’ll have the opportunity to connect with other cleanse participants in a live online setting or via a group forum. Come experience it for yourself!

Participants in the cleanse can expect:

  • Increased energy levels by the end of the week

  • Better digestive functioning

  • Heightened mental clarity

  • Diminished cravings for sugar, caffeine and processed foods

  • Motivation to make better food choices, eat more mindfully, and stay committed to self-care

  • A community to share with during this uncertain time

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Apr 10 - 11 online

Weekend virtual retreat with all-star yogi Ricky Tran.

Learn tools and practices to be happy amidst change.  Because, stability is a skillset. 

We'll guide you into yourself, hold space for you to dive deep, and send you off with some fresh perspectives and tools.  We'll open and close together, and allow space for life to happen in between.  Each day, we'll enjoy 

- a juicy 2 hour am practice with Ricky Tran - yoga, pranayam, meditation, mindset shifting 

- a 2-3 hour afternoon interactive self inquiry sessions with Dr. Siva - emotional wellness and tools Ayurveda

- a playlist and meditation to support our practice

Register $199

Apr 14 - Jun 2 2p EST online

This is a professional Mentorship group for students of Ayurveda, and Yoga. We'll meet over 8 two hour sessions on Wed afternoons. Case Study with Siva

I created this after years of being asked to mentor, so I'm super excited to finally have the time carved out. It feels great to fulfill this intention to support others chasing their dream to do what they love, and make a positive impact. You'll learn a structure to approach clients, while building client facing skills. 

Learn more, and register

May 10 - 26 12p PST online

This is a 4 session experience with education and ritual.  Sessions (30 - 60 min each) are held online at 8p EDT // 5p PDT: May 10 (new moon),17, 24 and 26 (full moon). 

Moon Phases & Women's Rituals 

As we experience that phase of the moon, we'll tailor self care practices and personal ritual. 

The emphasis is on attending to your emotional body, as it's affected by the moon phase. We'll also build awareness of our monthly physical patterns, and learn how to support them.

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May 21-3 CDT online

Yoga Teacher Conf, Elevate Denver 2021

Applying Ayurveda to your Yoga 

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Jun 26 - Jul 3

Racho La Puerta Wellness Resort in Tecate, MX (1 hr from San Diego airport - they provide the transfer)

Starting to Shift with Ayurveda course 

Join me for a tranquil week at long time Conde Nast recommended "Best Wellness Retreat Center."

The grounds are gorgeous; food is super fresh; there are classes in everything you could ever want - including Ayurveda with me! I'll give a Keynote at welcome night, and then we'll do several workshops during the week to support you to customize your wellness lifestyle. 

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Here are my Level 2 classes for those enrolled in year 2 of Shakti School in 2021. 

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One in three women in the US will have cancer. One in five will die from it. These statistics are several years old, which means that incidence and mortality are likely higher than when we last did the analysis. Let’s talk about why cancer happens and why it’s so prevalent. Also, let’s look at psychospiritual factors and treatment integration. 

  • Understand how cancer occurs and what it is
  • Learn subtle energy causes
  • Learn possibilities for individualization in treatment
  • Learn possibilities for integration with Modern Medicine

Happy Heart

The health of our heart and blood is so much deeper than our lab values and diet. I’ll present physical and emotional factors playing into happy circulation, and we’ll approach healing from the same holistic lens. 

  • Understand what cardiovascular disease is, and it’s etiology
  • Learn subtle energy causes
  • Learn skills to heal in relating to others and self
  • Learn Ayurvedic tools for heart health

Modern medicine integrations

Our goal is to see the opportunity for integration of Ayurveda with Modern Medicine, and other modalities. A good portion of this class is dedicated to live case discussion, so come ready to ask about ailments you, clients, or loved ones are experiencing. 

  • Understand how Ayurvedic approaches can integrate with Modern Medicine approaches
  • Case Study - Learn integrative approaches for respiratory disease
  • Case Study - Learn integrative approaches for autoimmune conditions
  • Case Study - Learn integrative approaches for thyroid disease
  • Open case discussion - Have the opportunity to learn about any ailment from an integrative lens.

Oct 6 - Nov 10 online

FoodSexSleep wellness lifestyle program - a fresh 6 week experience of reworking the foundation of your life approach to support you feeling nourished, creative, and connected. 

Customize your experience: You can purchase individual lectures, or engage in a deeper way with a full program (including time with me to discuss your specific needs). Mix and match to tailor your interests!

We'll post program details here soon, or just email us if you can't wait to know!

When you join Shakti School (starts mid Jan '21), you'll get these lectures in Year 1! 

Learn more & Register

Emotional Basis of Tummy Trouble

Ayurveda is a very sophisticated science when it comes to understanding digestion. Yet, even within Ayurveda, it’s so common to find these reductionist approaches to food, healing, and supporting digestion. I hope to keep alive the core holistic essence of Ayurveda, by including  the emotional and psychospiritual layers in the digestive experience. We’ll review four major categories of digestive issues: constipation, diverticular diseases, ulcerative and inflammatory diseases, and cancerous and benign growths. 

  • Understand the relationship between emotions and digestion
  • Understand the pathophysiology and the energetics of these four major categories of digestive ailments
  • Glimpse the emotional patterns supporting the disease process
  • Take a look at how your emotional state affects your agni, digestion, and elimination

Ayurveda & Psychospiritual Wellness

This topic is a needed adjunct to the physical focus of Ayurveda, and self care. We’ll cover my most pertinent insights and practices for psychospiritual wellness. Of course, we’ll do some live case study, and self reflective exercises so you can begin to apply. 

  • Broaden your definition of health
  • Understand the effects of patriarchy and mass marketing on the practice of Ayurveda
  • Glimpse  the benefits of incorporating the psychospiritual aspects of Ayurveda
  • Understand spiritual growth
  • Understand emotional needs
  • How to handle unpleasant emotions
  • Learn about the psychospiritual spiral, and our cyclical emotional experience
  • Be able to step into emotionally empowered decision making
  • See how patterns across the emotional body mimic those in the physical body (case study)
  • Understand how holistic healing becomes inseparable from spiritual growth

Moon Rituals & Women’s Cycles

With women taking on more, and the growing incidence of reproductive cancers, it’s an important time to strengthen our intuition, our ojas, and our ability to connect to nature’s rhythms. Mood sadhana is one of the most powerful ways to do so. Understanding the emotional functions of your monthly cycle is also helpful context to navigate your personal experience. We’ll also do some self assessment and reflection. 


Learning objectives


  • Learn the moon cycle
  • Understand how the moon affects changes in our bodies
  • Learn about subtle causes of disease in your women-parts
  • Understand the connection of emotions and the yoni
  • Learn rituals and self care practices for moon phases

One moon cycle together

moon moods water emotions waves cycles - learn to ride them

moving through the moon phases with




each other


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