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I'm excited to offer new content and new ways to share experiences, from guided programs to immersive retreats.

Become an Ayurvedic Wellness Coach through this online certification training.

Shakti Ayurveda School’s level 1 training is a 300-hour yearlong deep dive into Katie’s signature Divine Feminine Ayurveda teachings, and weaves in our faculty’s varied backgrounds in functional medicine, psychology, neuroscience and more.

This course is for heart centered souls who want to expand their understanding of healing, women’s wisdom traditions and holistic medicine.

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My Shakti Affiliate Bonus

When you register with my link, there's a gift.  It's a $200 deposit and reserved spot in my mentorship to set up your client facing business (always sold out at 10 participants)! 

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Feb 2 - Mar 9 online

FoodSexSleep wellness lifestyle program

Start off 2022 in a fresh 6 week experience with Siva, reworking the foundation of your wellness lifestyle.

We'll curate approaches to support you feeling nourished, creative, and connected. 

Space is limited.

We'll post program details here soon, or just email us if you'd like to be on the "first to know" list! (contact in footer)

Apr 13 - Jun 1

This is a mentorship for setting up your client practice in Ayurveda, Yoga Therapy, and/or Yoga.

We'll meet over 8 two hour sessions on Wed afternoons. 

I created this after years of being asked to mentor, so it feels great to fulfill this intention of support others to do what they love, and make a positive impact. 

You'll create client offerings based on your individual patterns, gifts, and challenges. We'll build the awareness, clarity and confidence you need to set up shop  in a way that feels good. 

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Apr 27, 29, May 4, 13 10a PST online

This is a 4 session experience with education and ritual.  Sessions (30 - 60 min each) are held online at 1p EST // 10a PST: Apr 27, 29 (new moon), May 4, and 13 (full moon). 

Moon Phases & Women's Rituals 

As we experience that phase of the moon, we'll tailor self care practices and personal ritual. 

The emphasis is on attending to your emotional body, as it's affected by the moon phase. We'll also build awareness of our monthly physical patterns, and learn how to support them.

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Here are links to podcasts I've taught on.

The Ghee Spot with Katie Silcox- Listen Here

Katie and I had a candid conversation on the energetics underneath racism, and on manifesting a relationship that matches your self worth.

The Dharma Journey with Bryre- Listen Here

Bryre and I chatted about the basics of  internal conflict and alignment. 

Kintalks with Kinyoga- IG Live- @kinyoga_

McKinley and I had a lovely discussion on yoga lifestyle, life as expats, and women's health. 

Yoga Healer with Cate Stillman- Listen Here

This episode was a foray into thyroid health and the Vishuddha chakra - subtle and physical components to a happy thyroid.

Wild Woman Wednesday with Cristi Christensen- Listen Here

Cristi and I having fun and getting a little WILD!

 My Ayurveda Life with Nidhi Pandya- IG Live - @my_ayurvedic_life

Nidhi and I had great time connecting over being modern Ayurvedic purveyors, and divorce and single motherhood. 

Can I get a Satnam with Sacha - Listen Here

Sacha and I chatted about taking an empowered approach to your own health.

Conscious Matters with Melissa D. Barry - Listen Here

Melissa and I had an amazing and enjoyable conversation about mind-body connection and its importance to overall health.

how to book me for podcasts, or to teach

Leading edge Ayurveda lifestyle topics, always with emotional awareness. Inquire directly with my schedule magician - members @ .


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