The only integrative medicine retreat customized for your physical, emotional, & spiritual needs.

Experience rapid rejuvenation through the transformative combination of Biohacking, Ayurveda, Ritual & Nature, under the personl guidance of Dr. Siva.

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cure-ated retreats


Welcome to the pinnacle of integrative wellness refinement.

Envision a sanctuary where ancient wisdom converges with avant-garde science to sculpt the epitome of rejuvenation. Led by Dr. Siva, a luminary in Ayurveda and avid biohacker, our retreat unveils a bespoke haven tailored to elevate every facet of your existence.


Expert Curation

Dr. Siva, an esteemed authority in Ayurveda, emotional wellness and biohacking, orchestrates a symphony of rejuvenation tailored exclusively for you.

Drawing from ancient insights and cutting-edge methodologies, she crafts a meticulously personalized roadmap to amplify vitality.


Bespoke Precision 

Your journey commences with an interdisciplinary assessment, unraveling the intricacies of your patterns and needs. Dr. Siva then sculpts a bespoke regimen fusing ancient Ayurvedic modalities with state-of-the-art biohacking protocols.


Holistic Ascension

Uplevel your core vibrational state, with yoga, nutrition, sound bathing, meditative explorations, and healing treatments to attend to your many layers. Each encounter is a testament to our commitment to replenish your spirit, rejuvenate your physique, and refine your cognition.


Exclusive Serenity

Nestled amidst nature's opulence, our retreat serves as a sanctuary for profound rejuvenation. Emanating tranquility, our luxurious estate, and panoramic vistas provide an idyllic backdrop for your off-grid reprieve.


Inner Exploration

Our goal is to nourish, so you can connect to your inner wisdom, clarity and desire. The slow-living schedule, Nature, plant medicines, and stunning environs are all to support the deeper inner listening. 


Community Validation

Share this intimate experience with a discerning community of fellow seekers, united in their pursuit of self optimizing. Within this sanctuary, you'll find wisdom from collective experiences, supporting mutual elevation.


Results-Driven Mastery

Witness tangible rejuvenation as ancient wisdom and modern science converge to sculpt a new paradigm of wellness. Revel in heightened vitality, diminished stress, and resplendent well-being as you emerge nourished.


Vetted Therapy Options

As a cherished guest of Dr. Siva, luxuriate in myriad therapeutic options, from ancient to modern. Explore the therapies she has selected based on her 20 years of experience in integrative wellness. Your sojourn with us is not just an wellness retreat; it's an experience tailored to meet your desires and preferences.


Embark on a voyage of personalized rejuvenation with Cure-ated Retreats, where wellness ascends to an art form, and every component is an indulgence in your holistic evolution.

Rejuvenate with customized protocols harnessing the synergy between the latest medical & the oldest proven technologies.

By tailoring a custom fit, and utilizing the benefits of multiple modalities, we optimize the body's receptivity. 

In this way, modern medicine can be personal. 

For true healing, our tools must be customized to our needs - our unique set of patterns created by our life experience.

Which is why I believe that effective healing is not standardized. 

It's curated. 

IV Ozone Therapy
BA Neuroscience
MD Psychiatry
MPH International Health & Development
Ayurveda studies in US & India

When have you had all parts of yourself attended to?

This is an intentionally intimate retreat.

Getting to know your needs is how we provide a personalized, high-end wellness experience. 

Let's ensure your needs are met with a brief exploratory conversation.

Talk with Dr. Siva
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Caribbean coast of Mexico

We'll host your truly immersive wellness experience at an off-grid estate on Mayan lands renowned for healing.

Tell us where you are coming from and you'll be directed to the Retreat Prospectus with more details, upcoming dates, and registration options. 

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