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Ayurveda lifestyle topics with fresh realism, and emotional perspective.

Class is online in the evenings PDTThursdays Sep 28 until the end of Feb. No class from end of Nov to Dec for the holidays. 

This class is a part of the Ayurveda for Self Care course at LMU. Felicia Tomasko teaches a powerful curriculum to learn your own Self Care. Offers credits for IAYT and LMU Yoga Masters Degress. This year, I teach:

Oct 13 Overview of Digestion

Jan 3 Psychospiritual basics

Oct 4 6:30p PDT online

Orange County Medical Association hosts me to present

Ayurveda: Opportunities for Integration

How Ayurveda can improve outcomes, lower costs, and empower patients. 

This is a free talk sponsored by OCMA

Oct 2 - Nov 3 Heal Yourself

In just five weeks, you can radically transform your wellness approach. Learn how to assess your needs and use Ayurveda to heal.

We kick off the program with a real time look of your baseline signs of imbalance in all parts of you. We then dive deeper into the three key body functions which affect EVERY other system - digestive, sleep, and immunity. We wrap up with lifestyle and routines, creating a container to support your progress past the program.

Each week, we'll cover one area of Ayurvedic healing. There will be a brief system overview video for you to watch before our meeting. During our live interactive time, we will practice self assessment together and I will guide you to supportive responses.

I give tailored tools for you to apply and we check in and modify together.

Each week, you will layer on one practice to support that system. In doing so, we are building lifestyle habits which improve your baseline wellbeing.

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Here are my Level 2 classes for those enrolled in year 2 of Shakti School in 2021. 

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One in three women in the US will have cancer. One in five will die from it. These statistics are several years old, which means that incidence and mortality are likely higher than when we last did the analysis. Let’s talk about why cancer happens and why it’s so prevalent. Also, let’s look at psychospiritual factors and treatment integration. 

  • Understand how cancer occurs and what it is
  • Learn subtle energy causes
  • Learn possibilities for individualization in treatment
  • Learn possibilities for integration with Modern Medicine

Happy Heart

The health of our heart and blood is so much deeper than our lab values and diet. I’ll present physical and emotional factors playing into happy circulation, and we’ll approach healing from the same holistic lens. 

  • Understand what cardiovascular disease is, and it’s etiology
  • Learn subtle energy causes
  • Learn skills to heal in relating to others and self
  • Learn Ayurvedic tools for heart health

Modern medicine integrations

Our goal is to see the opportunity for integration of Ayurveda with Modern Medicine, and other modalities. A good portion of this class is dedicated to live case discussion, so come ready to ask about ailments you, clients, or loved ones are experiencing. 

  • Understand how Ayurvedic approaches can integrate with Modern Medicine approaches
  • Case Study - Learn integrative approaches for respiratory disease
  • Case Study - Learn integrative approaches for autoimmune conditions
  • Case Study - Learn integrative approaches for thyroid disease
  • Open case discussion - Have the opportunity to learn about any ailment from an integrative lens.

When you join Shakti School (starts mid Jan ), you'll get these lectures in Year 1! 

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Emotional Basis of Tummy Trouble

Ayurveda is a very sophisticated science when it comes to understanding digestion. Yet, even within Ayurveda, it’s so common to find these reductionist approaches to food, healing, and supporting digestion. I hope to keep alive the core holistic essence of Ayurveda, by including  the emotional and psychospiritual layers in the digestive experience. We’ll review four major categories of digestive issues: constipation, diverticular diseases, ulcerative and inflammatory diseases, and cancerous and benign growths. 

  • Understand the relationship between emotions and digestion
  • Understand the pathophysiology and the energetics of these four major categories of digestive ailments
  • Glimpse the emotional patterns supporting the disease process
  • Take a look at how your emotional state affects your agni, digestion, and elimination

Ayurveda & Psychospiritual Wellness

This topic is a needed adjunct to the physical focus of Ayurveda, and self care. We’ll cover my most pertinent insights and practices for psychospiritual wellness. Of course, we’ll do some live case study, and self reflective exercises so you can begin to apply. 

  • Broaden your definition of health
  • Understand the effects of patriarchy and mass marketing on the practice of Ayurveda
  • Glimpse  the benefits of incorporating the psychospiritual aspects of Ayurveda
  • Understand spiritual growth
  • Understand emotional needs
  • How to handle unpleasant emotions
  • Learn about the psychospiritual spiral, and our cyclical emotional experience
  • Be able to step into emotionally empowered decision making
  • See how patterns across the emotional body mimic those in the physical body (case study)
  • Understand how holistic healing becomes inseparable from spiritual growth

Moon Rituals & Women’s Cycles

With women taking on more, and the growing incidence of reproductive cancers, it’s an important time to strengthen our intuition, our ojas, and our ability to connect to nature’s rhythms. Mood sadhana is one of the most powerful ways to do so. Understanding the emotional functions of your monthly cycle is also helpful context to navigate your personal experience. We’ll also do some self assessment and reflection. 


Learning objectives


  • Learn the moon cycle
  • Understand how the moon affects changes in our bodies
  • Learn about subtle causes of disease in your women-parts
  • Understand the connection of emotions and the yoni
  • Learn rituals and self care practices for moon phases

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The latest research clearly demonstrates the powerful impact of our emotional experience on our health and longevity. While we know this to be true, we don’t always know how to be emotionally well. 

During this weekend, we open the door to greater emotional intelligence and perception. With a combination of lecture, interactive exercises, breathwork, movement (yoga and dance), and meditation, we practice understanding our feelings, and how to respond to them. 

You will have the opportunity to explore the foundation of emotional wellness through the lens of Ayurveda. This approach allows us to customize our healing based on what we are experiencing, in real time. This increases our depth of connection with ourselves and others. 

An experiential workshop to learn

  • Basics of emotional Ayurveda
  • Self assessment
  • Psychospiritual healing approaches 
  • How to customize your healing approach

Join the waitlist for first choice of accommodations at this iconic California sanctuary - from sleeping bags to villas.

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Become an Ayurvedic Wellness Coach through this online certification training.

Shakti Ayurveda School’s level 1 training is a 300-hour yearlong deep dive into Katie’s signature Divine Feminine Ayurveda teachings, and weaves in our faculty’s varied backgrounds in functional medicine, psychology, neuroscience and more.

This course is for heart centered souls who want to expand their understanding of healing, women’s wisdom traditions and holistic medicine.

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Discover the secret to vibrant health and well-being through the transformative power of Biohacking, Ayurveda & Nature.

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Here are links to podcasts I've taught on.

The Ghee Spot with Katie Silcox- Listen Here

Katie and I had a candid conversation on the energetics underneath racism, and on manifesting a relationship that matches your self worth.

The Dharma Journey with Bryre- Listen Here

Bryre and I chatted about the basics of  internal conflict and alignment. 

Kintalks with Kinyoga- IG Live- @kinyoga_

McKinley and I had a lovely discussion on yoga lifestyle, life as expats, and women's health. 

Yoga Healer with Cate Stillman- Listen Here

This episode was a foray into thyroid health and the Vishuddha chakra - subtle and physical components to a happy thyroid.

Wild Woman Wednesday with Cristi Christensen- Listen Here

Cristi and I having fun and getting a little WILD!

 My Ayurveda Life with Nidhi Pandya- IG Live - @my_ayurvedic_life

Nidhi and I had great time connecting over being modern Ayurvedic purveyors, and divorce and single motherhood. 

Can I get a Satnam with Sacha - Listen Here

Sacha and I chatted about taking an empowered approach to your own health.

Conscious Matters with Melissa D. Barry - Listen Here

Melissa and I had an amazing and enjoyable conversation about mind-body connection and its importance to overall health.

Together, they form a lifestyle.

These are the core teachings which transformed my life and health.


decoding emotions

emotional needs

understanding cycles


decoding body signals

supporting tissues

custom wellness lifestyle


aligned choices


positive behavior change


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