upgrade your wellness lifestyle with 5 weeks of experienced guidance

 Learn how to assess your needs and use Ayurveda to heal root causes.

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B.A. Neuroscience

Magna Cum Laude, Phi Beta Kappa

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M.D. Cornell U.

Infectious disease, public health, psychiatry

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M.P.H. UC Berkeley

International epidemiology, infectious disease, health behavior

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Ayurveda Gurukula

Dr. Vasant Lad, Maya Tiwari, Dr. S Shrestha, Dr. J Parla

"it's like wellness lifestyle bootcamp

Dr. Siva is a wealth of information, and just having her opinion on all my health issues was HUGE. I got my act together, and so many smaller issues cleared up that I know my body loves what I'm doing!"

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"I finally got a good night's sleep naturally after about, maybe 10-15 years! Some nights I still wake up, but now I know exactly what to do to get back to sleep, and I can't believe it works. Thank you so much Dr. Mohan." 

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"I got my next dose of my injectable for my psoriasis, but you know what, it's still sitting in my fridge. My skin is better than ever before, and I'm still in shock that I'm managing on natural remedies after 3 years of taking immunosuppresants. My husband is in awe and even started taking triphala with me! This was life changing, and I know what else I need to work on moving forward."

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"The way you simplified everything was amazing. After Shakti School, I was overwhelmed with all I learned about Ayurveda and had a ton of tools I bought but wasn't sure what was really best for me. You helped me get so clear and dialed in on what I need and how to modify and adjust for myself. I'm already seeing less inflammation and I feel a bit more confident to guide my future clients in Ayurveda now. Thank you so much Siva!!"

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what is healing for you?


There is no one best way to eat, solve your sleep issues, strengthen your immunity, etc.

Your body tells you what it needs to heal. We just haven't been taught how to interpret the what our bodies are revealing, or how to respond. 

There's no way a health practitioner can be informed on your body's changing patterns, needs, and signals the way you can. Medical errors are a leading cause of death and suffering. Healthcare systems are overburdened, and treatments have side effects. Care is short-sighted, with prevention and root causes left unaddressed. 

You get this. You've opened the door to a more holistic way of looking at your health and wellbeing. You're showing up to make some positive changes. 

But, where do you start? There's an avalanche of alternative options. And the various parts of you have differing patterns.

Let me show you how to hear what your body needs. 

Natural remedies and conscious lifestyle are safe and effective. Once you are clear on your patterns, you can tailor your supports. Your body heals when well supported. 


This program is the best way to work with me directly.

It's also an incredible way to focus on all the most impactful changes you need to make to support your health and wellbeing - what I've done with all of my clients over the last 15 years to support huge transformations. 

Space is limited to ensure an intimate experience.

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Jan 15 - Feb 16

Kick off the year with guided transformation! 

Registration closed

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Sep 2 - Oct 4

Create your healing focus to end the year well!

Join Fall Cohort
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the DIY version

customize your foundational wellness lifestyle - coming soon!

Get notified on the waitlist below. 

Incredible value


There's no denying that financial value is important to all of us. 

The cost of this program is less than a third of what you would pay for the same number of private sessions with me. It's less than half what you would pay for this level of Ayurveda education.

The amount of time, energy, and stress you save when you know how to support your body is invaluable.

For $899, you'll gain:

  • My personalized insights and guidance for your health and well-being.¬†
  • Knowledge of how to assess yourself, so you can continue healing for years to come¬†
  • Remedies that prevent the overuse of harmful prescriptions¬†
  • Confidence in your power to heal yourself
  • Easy to reference in App content
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This is incredibly interesting and so helpful.

My entire adult life, I've tried to categorize things, even memorize what I "should" and "shouldn't" be eating or doing in life...but I never really paid attention to the QUALITIES these things are inviting into my life and if they are helping to bring harmony to the imbalances within me.
- Brittany

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I am totally loving this program so far. Thank you!

this is so simple, so instinctive, so sensible.

I have never gotten ayurveda before because in the same way I found it impossible to categorise things, but sensing the actual food directly in relation to what's happening in my life and how I feel is exactly what a good wellness practice is. - Laura

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I truly loved this! THank you so much for this different approach, i studied ayurveda for many years and stopped implementing my learnings into my own life and this has

really opened up a new way to be more loving and aware with myself in baby steps.

- Pej

Enroll in Heal Yourself

program features/benefits


You've never seen Ayurveda like this - integrated with modern science, emotional wellness and technological ease! This program is made to be practical, and applicable.

We're supporting sustainability by making it simple, and giving you tools and content you can use time and time again. 

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Learn the core practice of Ayurveda, and what to focus on by body system.

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What's your body saying? It's different for everyone. Learn your unique patterns.

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You'll have an MD, and leading Ayurveda lifestyle expert supporting you.

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Access time-tested natural approaches which rejuvenate the body.

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Enjoy easy access to content, broken down in simple user-friendly formats.

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Join a small cohort of like-minded individuals in semi-private sessions.


Let your lifestyle be your medicine.

~ Dr. Siva