Ayurveda By Siva is my unique blend of Ayurveda, emotional wellness, and conscious lifestyle.



So, how's your lifestyle?

I had a ton of knowledge on health, and couldn’t figure out how to feel healthy. 

My game-changer was to have a clear structure to evaluate, and support, my wellness lifestyle. 

Let's zoom out and look at the big picture of how the way you are living may be impacting your health. 

Tailor your lifestyle to thrive with my free guide, FoodSexSleep.

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build a lifestyle that feels good

focus on the areas with greatest impact - Food sex & sleep

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Everyday Remedies

my recipes and remedies at your fingertips

This is not meant to be an online course. It's more like my personal book of remedies, well-worn from over a decade of trying out what is most effective. These are the recipes, remedies and rituals I use myself, with my family, and my clients.

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Digestive Remedies

nourishing your gut with herbal remedies for digestive bliss

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Cold Remedies

revitalize your Immunity with herbal solutions for cold relief and wellness

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Sleep Remedies

embrace serenity with herbal solutions for restful sleep and wellness

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Hair Remedies

transform your tresses with herbal solutions for vibrant hair and wellness

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Skin Remedies

glowing skin unveiled with herbal solutions for healthy and radiant skin

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Womens Remedies

empowering women's wellness with holistic remedies for feminine health

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