Day 4 Routine Uplevel Challenge

How did it feel to engage your parasympathetic mode before eating? Did you enjoy your food more? Take a few more deep breaths than you may have in a given day?

Remember, if you don't implement any of these challenges perfectly, it's okay. 

Every time you do counts, and you are reworking old habits, which just requires time and practice. 

Our challenge for Day 4 gets done in the first few minutes of the day.


Today's challenge

Attend to your body before you attend to your phone.


Why this is powerful medicine

You don't want to start your day with a dopamine kick, encouraging more addictive screen behaviors all day. 

Your body is more important, and it needs to feel that it is a priority for you.

Morning rituals set the tone of the day for the body, and mind. 

This also reduces stress levels and am cortisol spikes. It improves morning bowel movements and mood.  


How to attend to your body first

Hygiene practices alone are a great way to start fresh for a new day. Wash your face, comb your hair, brush your teeth and tongue-scrape. Have enough time for a morning bowel movement.

Stretch. Oil. Massage. Use your trigger massage gun or foam roller. Do some sun salutations or face yoga. It doesn't matter. Just show up for what your body needs to feel good and fresh to start the day.

Coffee/Tea time is a great part of this. If this is a huge struggle for you, then at least do the above and then, sit down with your cuppa and plug into the matrix. At least you will have created a ritual of sitting for your morning hot drink. 

The above needs time. You can't wake up 30 min before you need to leave and expect to do this. So, set your alarm accordingly.

keeping that thing in airplane mode until my chai is ready, 


Our routines are intimately connected to our lifestyle habits, which determine our health. It’s obvious, yet often left unconsidered when people go for quick-fixes for symptoms. 

If you would like to customize your personal wellness lifestyle with me, please join my intimate 5 week program, Heal Yourself. I’ll guide you to set up for what your body needs in digestion, sleep, immunity and routine.


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