build a successful ayurveda business that helps people, and heals you. 


 Spring 2024 Apr 17 - Jun 5 (SOLD OUT)

Fall 2024 dates coming soon


In this 8 week mentorship, we'll customize your offering based on who you are and what you need in your client work. Whether you plan to offer retreats, programs, or one on one sessions, we will create your offer based on your patterns with career, money, success and dharma. 

 We'll support your emotional blocks, and get you clear and confident on what you are offering, and how, all while ensuring it's a good fit for you


You'll come out with a clarity & confidence on

- what to offer

- who to offer it to

- how to offer it in a way that is best for clients, and best for you

- pricing

- starting place and building a value ladder for sustainability

- how to handle common challenges in client work

- how to support yourself emotionally while setting up a business


No homework. Just interaction & self-inquiry. 

I limit the group size to ensure that you get my personalized mentorship and guidance. No one is left behind. Sessions are recorded in case life happens. 

Apply for Mentorship

Thanks for taking the time to tell me a bit about yourself. I accept approximately five women each round of mentorship, and this short application helps me get a sense of your needs. 

Once you submit, you'll be placed on the waitlist. 

This means we'll notify you of upcoming rounds and you will have the first opportunity to join. 

One thing I've learned in the past several years of mentoring women in wellness: your desire is possible. 

The more clear and supported you are, the more likely that possibility is. 

So, congrats on a powerful first step towards that, 


Application does not guarantee acceptance into the program.

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