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I'm into integration, and the nonphysical layers of our experience. I like deeper conversation, awareness building and empowerment. If you do too, this content is for YOU. I'm in the midst of transferring all my content - Thanks for your patience and please check back soon. 

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Here are links to podcasts I've taught on.

The Ghee Spot with Katie Silcox- Listen Here

Katie and I had a candid conversation on the energetics underneath racism, and on manifesting a relationship that matches your self worth.

The Dharma Journey with Bryre- Listen Here

Bryre and I chatted about the basics of  internal conflict and alignment. 

Kintalks with Kinyoga- IG Live- @kinyoga_

McKinley and I had a lovely discussion on yoga lifestyle, life as expats, and women's health. 

Yoga Healer with Cate Stillman- Listen Here

This episode was a foray into thyroid health and the Vishuddha chakra - subtle and physical components to a happy thyroid.

Wild Woman Wednesday with Cristi Christensen- Listen Here

Cristi and I having fun and getting a little WILD!

 My Ayurveda Life with Nidhi Pandya- IG Live - @my_ayurvedic_life

Nidhi and I had great time connecting over being modern Ayurvedic purveyors, and divorce and single motherhood. 

Can I get a Satnam with Sacha - Listen Here

Sacha and I chatted about taking an empowered approach to your own health.

Conscious Matters with Melissa D. Barry - Listen Here

Melissa and I had an amazing and enjoyable conversation about mind-body connection and its importance to overall health.

modern medicine meets spiritual ayurveda

I'm into the latest research, but prefer natural approaches. I love symptom relief, but also want to address root causes - especially emotional ones.

To me, modern health is using all the tools of the East-West, old-new, to customize our healing path.

Ayurveda is a conscious lifestyle in which we grow our awareness, and apply it to change our experience.  In the process, we evolve

BA Neuroscience, Magna Cum Laude - Pomona College
MD - Cornell University
MPH - UC Berkeley
MY BACKGROUND MY BOOK - an intro to Ayurveda lifestyle

i offer you

stories of the messy, yet beautiful, application of this wisdom to my life...and the lives of hundreds of clients and students. Self-healing practices. DIY. Recipes. Wellness lifestyle hacks.

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Leading edge Ayurveda lifestyle topics, always with emotional awareness. Inquire directly with my schedule magician - members @ .


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