smoking flowers masterclass 

Create healing smoke blends

Different needs (deep sleep, stress relief, creative inspiration, lung support, etc) call for different blends. 

Cut back on smoking marijuana and tobacco, while supporting your nervous system, mind, and lungs

(for smokers only)

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"It's smooth.

It makes me feel calm. Most importantly, I'm smoking less of the strong stuff."

Kim H. decreased her Cannabis usage and anxiety, and felt more functional and social

This content comes from over a decade of personal study and experience. You won't find a gorgeous overview and starting guide on herbal smoke blends like this anywhere else! (I've tried)

This masterclass is on-demand content, that you can watch in easy to review and reference short segments. It includes recipes and plant profiles and lifetime access

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what's smokeworthy?

Not all medicinal plants are good to smoke.

Most artesian herbal smoke blends, even though the packaging looks healing, are not smokeworthy, and have hormonally active herbs. I'll teach you what to look for.'ll have easy to reference plant profiles of my favorite smokeable herbs and flowers, and their healing benefits.

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how to

Learn how to prepare plants and flowers for smoking use, and create therapeutic blends. 

I'll give you my recipe recommendations based on healing effect - you customize your blend for what you need. 

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pro tips

Prevent common mistakes, and better your blending experience with experienced tips. In addition, I'll teach you how to source, prepare, and store your blends for optimal healing effects. 

I also teach you what to look for and watch out for with each plant profile.

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a note from dr. siva

I'm not advocating that anyone pick up smoking as a habit. Yet, there are millions of us already smoking cannabis and/or tobacco.

While no smoke is healthier, we can still take some positive steps forward before quitting.

This isn't just about embracing a trend; it's about using the power of herbs and flowers to support ourselves.

Herbal smoke has been a medicinal, cultural, and social practice for thousands of years, across the planet. In Ayurveda, it is a vehicle to deliver healing benefits to the lungs, the mind, the subtle energy body, and the blood systems (immune, endocrine).

So, if these are areas you wish to learn how to blend for, I invite you to learn about a healing tool no one else is taking about

Warm regards,


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every step counts.

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