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Healing Routines Setup Guide 

  Structure your daily and weekly rhythms according to what you need to thrive.

Setup your lifestyle with experienced, practical guidance for $29
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is your routine loving or lethal?

Below, are the major components of a healing life structure and rhythm. As long as your routines support these basics, your lifestyle is one that can support your wellbeing.

If you don't have routines to create the time and space for these wellness lifestyle basics, you're going to feel it in your digestion, sleep, hormones and stress levels.


Time for roles. This is all the time you need to play your roles and functions.

Quality alone time. This is the one most of us don't have enough of.

Quality connection time. Emotional or physical intimacy.

Regular exercise. Keeps us from accumulating emotionally and physically.

Regular sleep cycles. Circadian rhythms and regeneration.

Connection with nature. Spiritual food and emotional recharge.

Creative time. Another one that gets cut out when we're too busy.


In this simple, yet life-changing, Healing Routines Setup Guide I show you how.

At this low price, having this resource and perspective is a no-brainer. You can use it whenever you feel like you've gotten too busy and offtrack (we all do) to recenter yourself. 

 you can do this too.  

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start with self assessment

When it comes to healing, your starting place will always be guided by what your patterns are. I'll guide you to unearth your needs before you plan a routine.

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understand the big picture

This is NOT about coming up with a super efficient time management system. It's about supporting your body systems and functions and your joy. 

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choose your medicine

I'll give you the important aspects to consider, but your routine will allow you to customize when and how you bring in the healing tools you have the capacity for. 

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create healthy habits

Routines are the most important factor to support healthy habits. If you are depleted, and without the awareness of how to move through your days and weeks to support healthy habits, they won't happen.  

Access the Healing Routines Setup Guide

prevent your parents' patterns

The way you live likely reflects what you were taught.  

From eating too late, to only considering the roles we play, we're taught most of our dysfunctional routine patterns.

You can look at the health patterns that result from how your family spent their time. 

Target your disease prevention powerfully with healing routines. 

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What's included

  • self reflective exercises to guide your personalization

  • how to support your health and wellbeing with routine, rhythms and rituals

  • how to set up your daily, and weekly routines

  • balancing structure with fluidity so we can be realistic with the flow of life
  • next steps with monthly and Seasonal routines

It's a short walk through of the approach I use personally, and have with hundreds of clients to help them give intentional structure that's realistic and not goal-focused.

This is not rule based. It's you-based. 

Give yourself about 30-60 min to do this with ease. Doing it with others who are similarly inspired towards self growth is super. It's perfect for your new moon practice too.

Healing Routines Setup Guide

a note from dr. siva

My routine was a point of resistance for a long time. I would occasionally try to set up a routine, but always failed at maintaining it. Then, I would berate myself and default to old habits. Can you relate?

Modern life means we are pulled in more directions than ever before. We have too many options, too much stimulation, and high expectations of self. 

Perhaps, even more challenging is lacking the support and structure of communities which had healing routines embedded in them. 

The way we move through our days is creating disease. 

We spend a ton on supplements, workouts and treatments that miss the mark on what our bodies need day in and day out.

This isn't just about embracing a trend; it's about understanding how to make informed, science-backed decisions to truly optimize and rejuvenate our bodies.

Now my routine is my throne. It holds me in my highest state (of health), and self worth.

I just had to learn how to set up my routines that were a good fit for me. Let's do the same for you!