healing altars workshop

Create your sacred space for spiritual growth and emotional healing. Customize your practice for your healing needs.

Customize your Altar practice

The word "altar" literally means "to elevate." Altars are spaces which support our practice to elevate our mind-state, awareness, and vibrational state. 


How you show up at your altar can be customized for your healing needs.

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a note from dr. siva

I just want to say that this has nothing to do with religion.

To me, spirituality is a personal path. What I see most common to all of those paths is a belief in a Universal energy field we all belong to. Not to sound too Quantum Physics, but that's one way to describe it. In Ayurveda, it's regarded as Brahmana. 

We are more than physical in nature. An altar practice is one of the the most loving ways to show up for those nonphysical parts. 

At its simplest, it's a safe space to check in with yourself, feel your body and your feelings, and express gratitude. 

We're not here to convince anyone to do anything; but rather, to support those who are attracted to dive deeper into supporting their nonphysical wellbeing.

Warm regards,


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Saturday June 1

4p EDT / 1p PDT

Recording provided. In this workshop with Dr. Siva and Maria Akal, you'll be guided on how to setup and practice being at your altar to serve your healing intentions.

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Tailor your altar, and your practice for your current healing needs. This is a fluid approach to always consider your real time changes, and support yourself in the now.

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Use symbols and tools which have personal significance and healing benefits you choose. 

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An altar practice is like a relationship: the more you show up, the deeper the feeling of emotional intimacy and support.


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