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Bio-optimize with the transformative power of Nature.


Use natural biohacking approaches to

counter the effects of stress,

reduce symptoms, and age gracefully.


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We all have toxic buildup and inflammation. You feel it.


Our food, routines, and stress responses are depleting us daily.

A cleanse will never solve these patterns, and no supplement will guarantee prevention of chronic disease (from IBS to Dementia). We need to counteract the depletion, inflammation and accumulation, regularly

Natural remedies are the only way to truly rejuvenate.

If you are not using Nature-based lifestyle supports, benefits are short-lived, could have side effects, and do nothing to rehabilitate your tissues. It's a waste of time and money, with maybe some short term symptom reflief.

If you want to optimize your health and longevity, you have to support the body to distribute nutrients, eliminate waste, rebuild tissues and fortify cycles, and decrease infection (dysbiosis) and inflammation. 

Unfortunately, there's no shortcut. 

But now, you do have a guide.

I created a holistic Natural Biohacking guide to zone in on the 5 areas of the body get hit the hardest by modern lifestyle. By focusing our optimization of these parts of ourselves, we support all of what I listed in bold above. 

some of my favorite stories

Imagine that you too are bringing in regular rejuvenation, respond to signs of imbalance sooner, with natural remedies.

Your wellness lifestyle just got a massive upgrade which will help to prevent every chronic, degenerative and inflammatory disease.

Here are some real results, achieved within weeks, to inspire you.


Ashley healed her psoriasis using Triphala, and my P Digestive Tea, and Inflammation Tea recipes.

She also decreased itchiness, flaking and inflammation with a VP Daily oil.

In the meantime, her loose stools improved and so did her sleep and anxiety.

These weren't symptoms she was targeting, but when we support skin and digestion, a lot of other systems improve and heal.


Paul used Inflammation tea to finally resolve his loose bowel movements.

As his baseline inflammation decreased, he stopped waking up at 3am with muscle tension and pain

Better sleep, and less chronic inflammation revolutionized how rested he felt waking up, and his energy levels

He then combined that with sinus care practices to reduce his allergies and chronic post nasal drip.


Tara finally got regular bowel movements using Triphala, and VP Digestive Tea. 

With her digestion and elimination supported, her body had greater access to nutrients, and less toxic buildup. 

This resulted in finally being free of chronic headaches, and recovering her missing period.

With her cycle restored, she reduced PMS with my Women's Care remedies.

 you can do this too.  

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start with self assessment

When it comes to healing, your starting place will always be guided by what your body is experiencing now. Use my Current State Survey to dial in exactly which systems need the most attention, and where to focus.

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understand the big picture

In each system, I will teach you the levers which optimize function, and the root causes of imbalance. Armed with this education and awareness, you will naturally start to shift your choices to support yourself.

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choose your medicine

Use your body's signs and symptoms to give it what it needs. You'll have my remedies for the most common signs of imbalance in each system. All of which are nontoxic, with simple ingredients.

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create healthy habits

Some remedies just feel so good. You'll organically want to incorporate them in your lifestyle. Maybe it's a daily antioxidant face mask, or a quarterly scalp oiling - your body will guide new self care habits. 

Access the Natural Biohacking Bundle

prevent your parents' patterns

Aging brings symptoms. 

From dry skin to hair loss, we see the patterns of depletion that come with age. You already know the regular issues in your digestion, sleep, and skin.

The only way to slow down these oxidative changes is regular rejuvenation. Ayurveda includes rejuvenative components in every remedy, which is brilliant because happy tissues work optimally.

All of my natural remedies have this restorative agenda.

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What's included

  • A clear overview of what’s important to focus on in each system
  • Natural remedies, relatively safe for all ages 
  • Simple recipes for self care
  • Healing benefits of each ingredient
  • Earth-friendly, nontoxic approaches
  • Personal rituals to optimize mind-body energetics
  • User friendly content that is readily accessible 

Biohacking for greatest health impact, I focused on the 5 systems in the body which suffer the most wear-n-tear: immune, digestive, nervous, skin (which is an immune and digestive organ), and psycho-emotional.

These are the parts of us which affect every other part of us, so optimization has longer term and synergistic benefits. For example, a good night's sleep has short term benefits the next day, but regular good sleep supports immunity, digestion, mood, and slows aging.

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I included hair, because it comes up all the time as an aspect of aging people struggle with. Since a majority of my audience are women, I threw in my favorite remedies to care for our reproductive tissues.

You're going to reuse these remedies, time and time again. What was that Cough & Cold Tea again?

No shuffling through videos to find anything. You have quick access in a earmarked section for reference.

Since all of our ingredients are edible, you can easily reference shopping lists and recipes while you're at the farmers market or in the kitchen.

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  • Unique, comprehensive content you won’t find anywhere else
  • Easy to understand, self-guided video lessons
  • Lifetime access including future updates
  • Remedies for every budget
  • Save time with my product recommendations
  • Save $ with my promo codes from quality companies I love
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a note from dr. siva


We only get this one body in this lifetime. How are you supporting it?

Modern life means we are exposed to more stressors, more toxins, more virulent bugs, and more health disrupting patterns across the board.

Yet, most people are too overwhelmed to assess and respond to their body's signs. 

They spend a ton on supplements and treatments that miss the mark on what their bodies are asking for. 

This isn't just about embracing a trend; it's about understanding how to make informed, science-backed decisions to truly optimize and rejuvenate our bodies.

My work abroad exposed me to the power of plants, indigenous medicine systems, and rituals across the globe, and ultimately, Ayurveda. I spent the next decade testing out what was most effective. 

I started feeling so good that I began sharing it with family, friends, and clients. And I can't wait to share this body-supportive collection of natural remedies with you.

Every step counts,