Day 5 Routine Uplevel Challenge

Attending to my body first changes the way my day feels. I hope you found the same. For our final day, we're going to address the close of the day, instead. 

How do you wind down?

Many don't even realize they need a wind down, and expect themselves to be handling things right up until bedtime. That may physically tire you out, but it also winds you up mentally. 

Today's challenge

Schedule a wind down practice. 


Why this is powerful medicine

You need to put down all the stimulation and information of the day. You need to work the energy you took on through your body and mind. This is how we prepare for rejuvenative rest. 

If you give all of your time to others, and then sneak self destructive ways to unwind (wine, TV, scrolling), then this will make a big difference. 

Your nervous system will thank you and over time you will have better sleep. 

Your wind down practice sets also helps to set your internal clock to do it's housekeeping while you snooze. 


How to wind down

Audio is okay, but avoid pixelated stimulation from looking at a screen or blue light. Warm low lighting is scientifically proven to help. 

Processing your day in a conversation, or journal is great. Taking the time to frame everything the way you want it stored in your memory is huge for your mental health. 

Read a book. Do self massage. Dance naked. Plan your tomorrow. This is just for you, and you know what you need to unwind. 

Releasing the stress in your body by walking, stretching, doing restorative yoga, or a warm bath or sauna has so many long term benefits. 

Again, the goal is to get out of get-it-done mode without needing stimulation to relax. Try your best. 

rapeh, self massage and oracle cards, 


Our routines are intimately connected to our lifestyle habits, which determine our health. It’s obvious, yet often left unconsidered when people go for quick-fixes for symptoms. 

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