Here is where I have a suggested proxies for all the formulas we used to make in house. You can login to see your order history, or email us with any questions on what you have been recommended.


Welcome to my suggested tools for Ayurveda lifestyle. Please consider booking a session for personalized recommendations. 


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Digestive Supports

Healthy digestion is the foundation of our physical wellbeing.  As digestive ailments are all closely related to emotional stress, it’s an important system to regularly support, cleanse, and nurture. The tools below help to support digestive capacity, and rejuvenate the tract.


Here are my tips for Daily Oiling. 

VP BALANCING (more Vata help)

Mix 3 parts Ashwagandha Bala Oil with 1 part Brahmi Coconut OilAlternatively, try the Vata Massage Oil - it's spicier.

PV BALANCING (more Pitta help)

Mix 1 part Ashwaganda Bala Oil with 3 parts Brahmi Coconut OilAlternatively, try the Pitta Massage Blend - it's a bit more moisturizing and has more herbs.


Both Vata Massage Oil and Daily Massage Oil are VK balancing. 

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A lifestyle built on practices to feel healthy and happy is our greater wellness goal. I love the Daily Routine Bundle as a starter kit, a cost effective bundle, and for travel. 

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Tools to support our mindset and rejuvenate our nervous systems. 

VP MIND TEA (more Vata help)

Loose Tea

Add 2 parts Ashwagandha powder, 1 part Shankpushpi powder, 1 part Brahmi powder, and ground cardamom to taste. 


Try 4-6 tablets of Stress Ease. I like to also add Shankapushpi, but this is only available as powder. You can add 1/2 tsp to any tea or hot water. I've even added it to my coffee. 

PV MIND TEA (more Pitta help)

Loose Tea

Add 1 part Ashwagandha powder, 1 part Shankpushpi powder, 2 parts Brahmi powder, and ground fennel to taste.


Try 4-6 tablets of Tranquil Mind daily.



Hot Meno Herb Blend

If you enjoyed our Hot Meno formula, Women's Support may be a good fit.

She Ghee

If you loved our She-Ghee, this organic grass fed Shatavari Ghee is a great alternative.

Perimeno Support Herb Blend

Women's Natural Transitions is a good proxy for our Perimeno Support formula. 


stories of the messy, yet beautiful, application of this wisdom to my life...and the lives of hundreds of clients and students.  

Self-healing practices. DIY. Recipes.

Wellness lifestyle hacks. 


why i love ayurveda's approach to herbs

Formulas are tailored to come at an issue from all sides. This avoids overshooting in any one direction, and prevents side effects. I prefer formulating with 4-6 herbs, and that is what I recommend on this page. 

Rehabilitating our tissues is always included in the goals of formulating. This means we are always honoring that when in good shape, the body does what it's meant to better than any supplement. 

We always include something to support digestion of the formula, so the herbs get to the tissues they are meant to support. 

We don't use isolates, or parts of the herb considered "active." We use the whole herb. Herb plants are regarded as living beings, and we understand that we don't fully know the magic of how all parts of an herb synergize. 

They don't come with a side effect profile, and are gentle enough for all ages. 

Self care and ritual is encouraged as part of the healing process of using herbs. 

Herbs are meant for short term support with long term benefits. While I may choose to use Triphala for the rest of my life, there's never an expectation of dependency. 

I teach clients to be able to modify their herb allies according to the signals from their bodies and awareness of patterns. This allows herb support to become another way to feel empowered in your wellbeing.