Reduce your anxiety with the transformative power of inner alignment.


Use my 4-step process to resolve your internal conflicts, and free yourself from self doubt. 

Learn my RISE method
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We all have internal conflicts. 

An internal conflict arises when all parts of you cannot fully stand behind your choices, words, actions. 

This happens all day, everyday: When we don’t show up for our agreements to ourselves, don’t say how we really feel, stay in default patterns that don’t do us any good…and so on. 

These micro, and sometimes macro, inner conflicts build up, until we resolve them.

And they make us anxious, worried, and overwhelmed because that’s how our emotional body flags that something needs to shift

Left unaddressed, we have disrupted sleep, digestive issues and chronic tension and fatigue. 

We all want to feel relief from this inner source of anxiety, insomnia, reactivity, and stress.

The missing piece is, "HOW?"

Let me show you how I have, for over 15 years, and what I've guided hundreds of clients to do to find greater clarity, alignment, and peace of mind

some of my favorite stories

are people who have saved their marriage, left jobs they had outgrown, or transformed their friendships.

Yet, resolving most internal conflicts is about rerouting simple default patterns - what we agree to, how we express our needs (or don't), what we self sacrifice for...etcetera. 

Whether you have big inner conflicts or small ones, this process will serve you to begin resolution today. Inner work can provide some immediate relief.


Cristina completely changed her experience of feeling abandoned, hurt and rejected in her marriage.

The clarity she received from the process helped her choose communication and actions to restore her previous friendship with her husband.


Jeff learned how he was self sabotaging at work. He was choosing perspectives that kept him victimized, and allowing frustrations to build up

Once he saw his inner misalignment, he was able to consciously shift his experience.

He chose new perspectives and clear communication to feel more valued


Jen was struggling in her relationship with her daughter. They were both regularly triggered, reactive, and tense around each other. 

By engaging in this process, she learned how to change the toxic pattern and grow intimacy with her daughter.

 you can do this too.  

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we'll define internal conflict

If you can recognize it, you can address it.

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we'll understand how it feels for you

You'll get in touch with how your emotional body signals conflict.

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We'll look at the effects on your body

You may relate to ways your physical body is affected.

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I'll teach you my 'RISE' method

Finally, we'll walk through a process to address any internal conflict.

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prevent your parents' patterns

As you begin resolving your inner conflicts, you will notice patterns. 

From what triggers you, to how you respond, and what your imprinted beliefs are...there are inherited patterns.

As you begin this work to find inner alignment, you will be shifting these fundamental patterns.

Over time, you build an awareness and change how you receive and respond to life.

That optimizes your DNA expression, and helps to heal generational trauma.

What's included

  • on demand masterclass presented in 5 mini-videos
  • worksheet to apply the RISE method
  • cases to bring to life how to apply with real stories

I created this content to be simple to learn, and easy to reference and repeat (you'll need to). 

I recommend starting with smaller internal conflicts, which don't have a lot of emotional charge. Once you get comfortable with the process, you can tackle the bigger, heavier misalignments.

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I included my favorite herbs and recipes for supporting the nervous system and rejuvenating from years of anxiety. These are my trusted formulas for long term rehab, and short term relief. 

Also, I'll teach you a breathing technique to reduce anxiety, and all Vata symptoms in the mind and nervous system. 

Lastly, for all my psychospiritual nerds out there, I included a walk through of our chakras and how they relate to specific physical ailments. This should help you target which subtle body practices you will most benefit from. 

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feel lighter, sleep better, worry less. 

  • Unique, comprehensive content you won’t find anywhere else
  • Easy to understand, self-guided video lessons
  • Lifetime access including future updates
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a note from dr. siva

Resolving internal conflict is not usually easy - it’s growth.

Sometimes, that is simply a matter of consciously choosing new perspectives. Sometimes, that is a matter of making big changes.  It could be simple and fast, or a complex process. It just depends on your situation. 

What's most important is knowing there is always a way to feeling more aligned, and having an approach/skill you know will get you there.

The aligned choice is always in your greater good, always healing, and always a better version of you. That’s how you know it’s resolution. There may be growing pains, but it feels more clear, more sure, and more right for you.

Reaching for real relief,

Dr. Siva