Day 2 Routine Uplevel Challenge

I hope you enjoyed your quality time with yourself yesterday.

Honestly, I need about two hours a day to feel I'm thriving. But 30 minutes is sufficient. So, don't be surprised if you go from staring at the clock to yearning for more time.

Our next challenge may need a bit of planning, so let's start this week deciding how we will end this week. 

Todays challenge

Schedule two consecutive days off for unstructured time, aka your "weekend."


Why this is powerful medicine

Your nervous system needs to downshift gears. Your internal clock needs an arc to your week. You need time to be doing only what you feel like doing - that's what unstructured time is. 

Few of us have open blocks of time to just do whatever we feel like doing, from gardening to watching movies. It's the reclamation of your time to serve yourself. 

It's breaking free of the chains of time constraints to fulfill all the needs of adulting.  

The first day of the weekend we are still stepping out of get it done mode. If we don't have that second day, we don't get the true benefits of relaxation. This will lead to depletion. 

If the weekends are still you operating in get-it-done mode, you will be depleted and inflamed. Many of us will then isolate socially to conserve energy - our bodies go into a protective state. 


How to un-structure your weekend

This can be tricky for some, but it's possible.

If you are using the weekends to run errands and get household things done, you'll have to change that. You can automate deliveries, spread errands out over the week, delegate, get support, etc. There is always a way. 

You may have to unschedule things, limit social commitments - anything to align with what truly feels like what you want to be doing during your "off" time. 

For parents, it's about realizing that kids need relaxed, happy,  present parents and connection, and ease more than all the other things we plan for them. 

recovering from the standards and expectations of modern life, 


Our routines are intimately connected to our lifestyle habits, which determine our health. It’s obvious, yet often left unconsidered when people go for quick-fixes for symptoms. 

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