Day 1 Routine Uplevel Challenge

Here we go! Day 1, and I’m starting with the hardest challenge of the whole uplevel.

Ready? Well, get ready to evolve. This is hard for most. Yet, it needs to be your new normal to have a practice of listening to yourself. 

Today's challenge

Commit to 30 minutes of quality time with yourself per day.

If you’ve done any of my courses, I recommend this in every one of them. 

Because, it’s important. 


Why this is powerful prevention

If you never make the time to really do a quality self check-in, how will you gain clarity?

Without this time and practice,  you will not be able to make choices guided by your symptoms and feelings. More importantly, we lose the line of communication with our inner wisdom when we don't have the time and presence.

If we don't have quality time with ourselves, we cannot process our experiences, emotions, and thoughts. Things build up.

If you are not being guided, and responding to symptoms and feelings in real time, you’re getting sick in some way - depletion, inflammation, accumulation, dysfunction, blockage, etc. 

If you don’t have time to connect to yourself, you cannot be guided by yourself. 

Your symptoms, signs, patterns, feelings, relationships, needs are all being communicated to you in so many ways.  Today, we make the space and the intention to listen. 


How to listen

You don't have to do anything during this 30 min - just check in with yourself the way you would a dear one. Genuinely asking how you are, and listening to the answers. That’s it. 

You do not need to solve anything in this time. 

You can journal if you want, or not. It's simply safeguarded downtime to ask ourselves what we are feeling in all the various parts of ourselves.

This does not have to be any specific time, or even the same time every day. Some days I manage this before my day gets going, other times it's a mid afternoon break from work, and sometimes it's while I stretch before bed. If you can manage this practice regularly in the mornings, or evenings, it can be combined with some of our other uplevel practices this week. 

You can do some mindless self care during this time - oiling, massaging, stretching, nature walking, etc. However, this is NOT an active time where you are accomplishing things or interacting with others. 

It's pressure-free time just for you, to be with you. That means no devices.

Simply make the commitment for your 30 min a day. It's life changing to have this in place.

the most impactful shifts are the most avoided, 


Our routines are intimately connected to our lifestyle habits, which determine our health. It’s obvious, yet often left unconsidered when people go for quick-fixes for symptoms. 

If you would like to customize your personal wellness lifestyle with me, please join my intimate 5 week program, Heal Yourself. I’ll guide you to set up for what your body needs in digestion, sleep, immunity and routine.


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