The Effects of Travel on the Body


In this video I dive into a topic close to our hearts and bodies: the effects of travel on our well-being

Let's first talk about the mind and nervous system. Travel can leave us feeling a bit frazzled, overstimulated, and disconnected. Our sympathetic nervous system kicks into high gear, making it harder to focus and adapt to sudden changes in plans.

Ever noticed a decrease in appetite or digestive discomfort while traveling? It's common. When we are in unfamiliar routines and movement, our bodies struggle to break down and absorb nutrients, leading to digestive symptoms.

There is a decrease in circulation and immunity.  Hours of sitting, coupled with fluctuating temperatures in planes and airports can lead to decreased circulation, poor lymphatic flow, and compromised immune function. It's all interconnected – when our sympathetic nervous system is activated, our body's ability to attend to its needs diminishes. We have greater exposure to bugs during travel, which is why catching a little tummy bug or cold is more likely.

Travel often leaves us feeling achy and stiff, with inflammation and pain becoming all too familiar side effects of driving, or flying. It's not uncommon for travel to throw our reproductive systems out of whack, affecting hormones, libido, and reproductive function.

We can support our bodies through these challenges by tuning in and listening to what they need. Whether it's more rest, better hydration, or nourishing foods, our bodies are constantly communicating with us, guiding us towards balance and well-being.

Listen to your body's signs. It's telling you what supports it needs to thrive amidst the adventure. We love travel, but let’s do it with more awareness and self care. 

Check out my Guide to Travel Well - it’s a succinct systematic guide to addressing your travel needs by system & symptom. It includes links to my personal travel essentials, as well as natural low cost remedies and travel recovery practices.


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