Routine Uplevel Wrap Up & Next Steps

By now, you should already be moving through your days very differently! Irrespective of how thoroughly you implemented, if you implemented at all, you benefitted.

You are already shifting to live in a way that supports you to stay healthy, and meet your emotional needs. The more you implemented, the more likely you noticed:

  • better eating habits
  • better am start
  • more supported nervous system
  • more supported digestion
  • more supported sleep
  • clear on what you are feeling, what you want, and what you need to address
  • actually recovering from the busy nature of modern life every weekend 

If you did not get time to implement all the challenges, that reveals how your routine already is blocking you from being able to make healthy changes. Just observe and acknowledge where you are at. 

All of the challenges are incredible healing practices on their own. Incorporate them into your lifestyle as much as possible and you will already be setting a wonderful foundation for health. 

Here's a summary of what we did, so you can try again or keep it going:

Day 1 start with 30 min of quality time with self

Day 2 add two consecutive days of rest to your week

Day 3 add a sit down and eat practice

Day 4 add self care before phone practice

Day 5 add a wind down practice 


Want to take the next step? 

Set up your daily and weekly rhythms according to what you need to thrive.

I have a cute little Healing Routines Setup Guide. It's on sale for $29, a no-brainer. You’ll learn:  

  1. a clear set up framework for daily and weekly routines
  2. when to lean in to more structure, and when to lean towards more fluidity
  3. how to customize your routines to support your patterns and needs
  4. how to optimize for your health

It's a short walk through of the approach I use personally, and have with hundreds of clients to help them give intentional structure that's realistic and not goal-focused. 

This is not rule based. It's you-based

Easy, cyclical and supported,


 Healing Routines Setup Guide - buy now

Healing Routines Setup Guide - see details


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