Fall Circadian Training - where to start

Back-to-School is healing

It gives us a core rhythm. Wake, learn, play, eat, go home, do activities, unwind, sleep.

Even when I finally stopped going to school, Fall always feels like a time when I want to get my act together.

How we set up our rhythms determines how healthy and balanced we feel during the Season of sickness and death.

The best prevention for colds, anxiety, insomnia - all common Vata symptoms - is solid circadian training.

Don't know where to start? Here are my top tips:

1. Sleep training

Train your body to be ready for rest with a consistent bedtime. Train alert waking with sunlight if possible.

Ayurveda hack: go to bed abefore midnight for anti-aging

2. Sit down meal times

Even if it lasts a few minutes, sitting down and ONLY eating trains better digestive rhythms.

Ayurveda hack: lay on your left side or walk after eating

3. Bedtime ritual

Self care practices to unwind cue the body for rest.

Ayurveda hack: use simple self massage and aromas

 4. Sensory cues

Smells, tastes, and sounds set our inner clock. Use them to signal rhythms for rest/productivity.

Ayurveda hacks: herbal teas, smudge, oils

5. Avoid extremes

We're human and will have things which throw us off our usual rhythm. It's okay. Aim to minimize the deviation, and accept the occasional late night or sleep in without guilt.

Ayurveda hack: there's always something to balance whatever poor choice you made :)

Focus on building life rhythms. You will feel better, your body will function better, and it's anti-aging.

Moving to the beat of my own rhythm,

Dr. Siva


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