Sound Healing for Ancestral patterns

There was a chant that I heard with some regularity for about four years of my childhood. I’ve never seen it written nor translated, and for some reason, it came into my head recently.

It started out in fragments: two words, a rhythm, a feel. I remembered that I loved the sound of it, and slowly, after about a week, I pieced together the whole thing.

This chant is in my blood. It almost feels like certain genes are lighting up when I recite it.

And most importantly, it came to me at the time I needed it most (which I only realized after I looked it up, read its meaning, and recognized it as a powerful tool for what my present intention is).

Certain instruments, or sounds, speak to us beyond our minds.

Drumming, chanting, rhythms and melodies that touch your soul, are great examples of sounds we recognize with our ancestral DNA.

So I was not surprised when at a sound healing, the circle leader announced that healing journey work affects the seven generations past, and the seven generations forward. You're shifting in the Quantum field, and sound is one of the most incredible ways to access that. 

This belief is prevalent in every ancient tradition I've learned about. Whether coming from the Shamanic tradition or African tribal wisdom, it resonates with Vedic thought, karma, and the laws of cause and effect.

In short, ancient traditions seem to acknowledge that when you do your healing work, it helps to heal those around you.

If you look back a few generations, and see a lot of pain, it’s clear that there is healing to be done.

When you show up for your own healingin any way that feels like self careyou are reducing the imprint of pain and suffering on those you spend time with.

When you are well, those around you get to feel what well feels like. They get to witness it, and it becomes part of their possible realities.

That’s amazing.

Cheers to drums, crystal bowls and didgeridoos!


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