Beyond Reproduction to Life Force Accounting and Creative Vision


Beyond the traditional understanding of sexuality, this blog reveals the profound connection between our reproductive tissues and the intricate dance of life force, creativity, and emotional well-being.


The Powerful yet Non-Essential Reproductive Tissues

I invite you to consider a fascinating perspective—our reproductive tissues are the only ones not essential for survival. Instead of being confined to mere reproduction, these tissues boast a unique skill set. They vigilantly monitor and manage the energetic balance in our lives. When we are in deficit, they redirect their own resources to other parts of our bodies, playing a pivotal role in our overall well-being.

These tissues are the inner life force accounting team, and the organs of self-sacrifice. 

It's no coincidence that excessive self sacrifice in your life activates this same pattern in your body. Over time, the reproductive tissues are poorer quality with less ability to function optimally. We start to see symptoms, and increase the likelihood of disease in weak poorly maintained parts of us. 


When there is extra in the energy account

The heart of the sexual health is the dynamic interplay between giving and receiving energy. An excess or deficit can profoundly impact our energetic state.

When surrounded by positive energy from relationships, nourishing food, and rest, we accumulate ojasa reservoir of life-force. It's like when savings accumulate in your account, and earn interest. This surplus energy becomes the wellspring of inspiration, empowering us to envision and design the life we desire.


Fertility of ideas and creative vision

Contrary to popular belief, the sexual and reproductive health extends beyond the biological realm of fertility. It encompasses our ability to cultivate a life-force reserve and channel it into creative endeavors.

Consider this—creativity, inspiration, and the fertility of ideas are intrinsically linked to our energetic reserves. Our life-force reservoir allows for not only physical reproduction, but also for birthing innovative thoughts and visions.

One of the things that makes us unique as animals is our creative expression. More than being "artsy," creative expression means taking your inner vision and bringing it to life in the world.

In this way, our lives - what we do, where we live, how we play, how we eat, how we dress, our self care - all of it is what we have chosen to create as a part of our life experience. Our purpose in life must be to create ideas, experiences, relationships, memories and impact. We are creational beings. 

Yet, we can only step into that level of conscious creation when we are nourished. 

When we are nourished is when inspiration comes, optimism flows, and follow through is possible.

When we are depleted, it's a time instead to nourish ourselves. It's not a time to put our energy into creating, building, doing, producing, acting. It makes sense then that the reproductive tissues turn off motivation and inspiration during depletion. 

So, if you want to feel empowered and motivated to create, you have to ensure your lifestyle is not depleting you. By crafting lifestyle which leaves us more nourished than depleted, we ensure healthy reproductive functions and creative drive. 


Key Takeaways

- Healthy reproductive tissues and functions, and healthy creative potency, are related. 
- Both physical and nonphysical fertility depends on how much life force reserve we have to create with.

- If we lead depleting lifestyles, our reproductive tissues and creativity and empowerment will suffer



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