Because transitions keep coming - on all levels.

What we need for a transition to be a transformation - a stable container. Stability of purpose, vision, belief, clarity. 

That only happens with a serious practice. A practice that is a lifestyle. 

We don't need perfect.

We need doable wellness routines and habits. 

Doable is what brings sustainability to our positive changes. 

To really shift a pattern (transformation), it's all about slowly becoming more aware, and continuing to take steps towards our greater good. 

What I find is most sustainable is a solid baseline rhythmone which allows for fluidity for all the stuff life brings our way. 

I call this ¨structured chaos for real change¨- haha. 

It's the time of year to build that purpose, vision, belief, clarity. So, let's do it. Join me for a little wellness lifestyle planning session. 

I´ll walk us through an approach to setting up that stable container.

I believe in the good things coming, Siva

PS - Yes, I'll send the recording out. 

Structured Chaos

Hosted by Siva [ MD, MPH, wellness lifestyle expert... ]

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