Gifts which delight


Gifting is an exchange of love. 

I'm not saying that we need to participate in superfluous or mindless consumerism. I'm saying that when you see the delight on someone's face, it's healing for your heart. When we have a loving exchange with others, it's balancing for the hibernatory vibe of the winter. 

A simple way to go about finding gifts which delight, is to consider

  1. Gifts which acknowledge who the other person is, and how they wish to see themselves
  2. Gifts which further their interests
  3. Gifts which symbolize what they mean to you

Here are a collection of my favorite items of late to inspire you. I was able to get some promos for you on a few of them!

Too late?

I am, often. Something that has worked beautifully is ordering, printing out the order and a nice pic/description of the item and putting it all in a nice hand-written card. People love the anticipation of delivery and I get the gift given on time. 

Or maybe these are gifts you give yourself ;)

For the Book Lover

Not only is the content relevant to all of us, but Robin's writing is "wow." She easily weaves science, personal connection, and Indigenous wisdom. Her sentences are poetic and her message is one of hope.

For the one who loves to cook

I have used all kinds of non-toxic cookware in the last decade and the Always Pan is the clear winner. It meets function, beauty, and healthy needs effortlessly. I gave this set to my mom and she's thrown out all of her other cookware! $20 off

For the Plant Lover

Full disclosure I don't (yet) own a Plant Wave device, but I've obsessed over videos of the music from different plants. This is next level connection with Nature we can do in our homes on a daily basis. As a plant lover, I would be blown away by this gift.

For the witchy one

Alana's Sacred Rebels deck is stunning, and the messages are deeply explored, with a healing practice for each card. It inspires us to connect with our purpose and elevate our self worth through the ups and downs of life.

For the Anti-aging Beauty

Osi has blown my idea of medicinal Ayurvedic oils wide open! Finally, medicinal grade, but smells amazing, and incredibly curated combinations of effective ingredients. My new go-to organic chemical free skin care which feels delicious. SIVA10 for 10%

For the one who cares about eating healthy

Most of us get why commercial dairy is not the best for us. But commercial alternatives are full of crap, including known inflammatory preservatives. Nutr has made homemade fresh nut and seed milk a sustainable reality in our home. It's so easy my kids make the mylk. $10 off


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