Novel Tools for Colds, Allergies & Immunity

As we step into Spring, it signals a time for congestion and allergies.

If you suffer from more than a cold per year, or have trouble recovering quickly from a cold, or have allergies, your respiratory and immune systems need support. 

We use topical herbal balms, herbal steam, herbal snuffs, herbal neti washes, herbal oils, herbal chews, and herbal smoke to address the respiratory & immune system in Ayurveda.

Here are some tools that you will never hear of in the doctor's office.


Herbal Smoke

The delivery mechanism of any herbal medicine was an important part of the therapeutic design. In what may seem counterintuitive for ameliorating respiratory issues, smoking herbs can be an effective way to target the lungs. 

There are plants which help to clear mucus, and others which help lubricate dried out lungs. Some bronchodilate, and others cause purging to clear infection. Basically, everything you can achieve pharmaceutically used to be handled herbally. 

I would only recommend this if you have a smoking history, and of course, only therapeutically. If you are interested in herbal smoke blends, click here.


Herbal Snorting Blends, or Amazonian Rapeh

This was a key tool for me in addressing recurrent sinus infections due to a deviated septum, along with a neti practice. For anyone with anatomical structure resulting in frequent sinus and ear infections, this could be a useful non-invasive preventive tool. I’ve also found it helpful for frequent tension headaches. 

Rapeh is used both ceremonially and therapeutically. In personal ritual, it is used for clearing the subtle energetic body and mind. However, each blend has bodily effects based on the healing properties of the herbal ingredients, from decreasing inflammation to parasite cleansing.

All of the blends include powerful antimicrobials, preventing infection in the sinuses. The practice and process itself is one that clears the sinuses and supports drainage.

If you would like to learn more about starting a personal rapeh practice, please click here.


Frequency Machines

Every bodily pattern has been coded with a frequency in a massive frequency database. For this reason, we can offer tailored frequencies to target ailments that physical tools are not healing. 

Frequency treatments are rapidly gaining popularity in the chronic disease and cancer treatment arenas, because they are easy to administer, safe for all, and have no side effects. 

I’ve seen this as most effective for refractory respiratory infections: bronchitis, pneumonia with lingering symptoms after antibiotic treatment. It’s also a star when it comes to chronic infections like Lyme and Epstein Barr. 

While this one requires a more significant investment, you can treat every ailment of every member of your family with these bioenergetic medicine devices. My favorite starter device, and the one I use most with my family is the RIFE machine

You can scan yourself and deliver custom treatments in real time, or run a program targeted to a symptom (e.g. abdominal inflammation, L4-5 herniated disc). 

If you are interested in learning more about RIFE machines, email me.


Traditional Ayurveda Tools

Using the neti pot, warm nasya oiling, gargling with salt, and sinus steaming are some of my favorite respiratory supportive practices. 

Building immunity is something that comes with lifestyle change, stress management, proper nutrition and rest, and digestive health. All are important components.

If you are interested in my guidance in making these lifestyle changes, please see this link.



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