Clear & Confident for Clients (C3)

Ayurveda Business Mentorship Program

However you found your way here, if you love Ayurveda, and would like to work with people  - this is for you

The most important part of your success and impact will be your comfort in engaging those you counsel. This clarity and confidence comes through practice and mentorship.

In this 8 week mentorship, we'll customize your offering based on who you are and what you need in your client work. Whether you plan to offer retreats, programs, or one on one sessions, we will create your offer based on your patterns with career, money, success and dharma. 

I'll teach you how to extract patterns from conversation with clients, so that you can help them to shift those patterns with your offer. You'll practice with each other to build confidence in your client conversation, pattern recognition, and pitch. 

We'll support your emotional blocks, and get you clear and confident on what you are offering, how (including pricing), all while ensuring it's a good fit for you. 

I limit the group to 10 to ensure that you get my personalized mentorship and guidance. No one is left behind. Sessions are recorded in case life happens. There is no homework.

We confirm the exact time after we see who is in which time zones, and how to best accommodate us all. 

You'll come out with a clarity and confidence on your

- gifts and challenges 

- scope and audience

- offer(s) description and logistics

- pricing

- starting place and sustainability

- how to handle common challenges in client work

What People Are Saying:

THANK YOU! I still can't believe I'm doing this, and you guys were the best support. I felt like Siva kicked my butt, but in a good way. Paige and Nikola gave me great feedback in office hours, and I actually know what I'm doing for my business to grow. The value ladder was SO key for me. I highly recommend this program...the women were supportive and it didn't feel like competition even when we had similar niches because we were guided to bring our own unique version.


YOu're such a badass Siva!!!! I love how you saw through all our patterns and still guided us with love! THank you!!!


I had no idea where to start, and wasn't charging enough. Siva helped me build a structure that gave me confidence and I already have clients!


I would have never come up with this clarity on my own. I would have totally overwhelmed myself and headed towards self sabotage without Siva! Thank you Siva!


$1,200.00 USD

No refunds

Credit may be applied to a future round of the program