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I used to feel overwhelmed by supplements.

My functional medicine doctor gave me about 20 pills to take daily. Then, there were the supplements I wanted to take for personal benefits like joint health, or hair.

It was out of control.

Now, I listen to my body for what to take each day.

I also changed to use natural remedies over supplements. They are more bioavailable, more potent, safer, cheaper, and have less of an impact on the environment.

loving Nature's cures,

Dr. Siva

Included in Heal Yourself are my natural remedies for digestion, sleep, and immunity. 

Would you also like this easy, lifetime access to my tried and tested approaches to 

- hair care

- skin care (body and face)

- women's care

- energy shifting rituals?

Everything is nicely organized in my App, with recipes ready to screenshot and links to quality resources to support you! 

Since you already are stepping into supporting your health and wellbeing with me and Ayurveda, you can add this content to your order and save 60%. 

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Heal Yourself

Guarantee your spot in a transformative program, with intimate expert guidance.

Incredible value

The cost of this program is less than a third of what you would pay for the same number of private sessions with me. It's less than half what you would pay for this level of Ayurveda education. And, the amount of time, energy, and stress you save when you know how to support your body is invaluable.

You'll gain:

  • Personalized insights into your health and well-being. 
  • Knowledge of how to assess yourself, so you can continue healing for years to come 
  • Remedies that prevent the overuse of harmful prescriptions 
  • Confidence in your power to heal yourself
  • Easy to reference in App content

[ Your info is never shared or sold, just used to contact you in case any changes in the program. No refunds. Credit may be applied to other offerings. This program does not take the place of medical care, and is intended for educational purposes.]

What People Are Saying:

This is incredibly interesting and so helpful. My entire adult life, I've tried to categorize things, even memorize what I "should" and "shouldn't" be eating or doing in life...but I never really paid attention to the QUALITIES these things are inviting into my life and if they are helping to bring harmony to the imbalances within me.


This was so helpful - I love this class and Dr. Siva’s teaching style. I learned why I get so anxious before I fly - I am too much Vata and flying is Vata so it is overload of energy and my body doesn’t know how to manage it - I knew that the fast movement of travel is what stirred me up but to look at it through Ayurvedic lens so helpful. And now I can see what I can do to balance the Vata in these instances. Thank you.


Dr. Siva, I appreciate your approach, which feels so freeing to me. I too have felt bound by the “rules” around which foods are allowed… Your talk about sensing a food in the mouth and in the belly makes so much sense! It opens up an expansive world, rather than a restrictive one. I love your description of your garden tomato and its unique qualities. I am so happy to have found you and this course. Blessings.