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Would you also like my compendium of natural remedies for our reproductive health?

This low-cost content bundle includes education, recipes, links on:

- vaginal care

- breast care

- herbal douching

- yoni eggs

- menstrual care

- an overview of what to focus on from an integrated Ayurveda perspective


One Moon Cycle Together

This is the only global women's circle where we actually move through each moon phase together. 

HOW - You will have lifetime membership with this registration, without any further fees.

I cover the 5 phases of the moon in the program. 

Twice a year, I lead us through the entire moon phase live, again. We reconnect and refresh our practice.

There are 4 live session experiences with education and ritual.  Sessions (30 - 60 min each) are held in zoom. 

All videos and bonus content for easy reference are inside the program.

WHEN -Times and dates are based on the moon, so please see the program landing page for latest. 

Please know that all the sessions will be recorded. This is a lifelong practice so I want you to have the content easily reference-able. 

WHY - Women's rituals around moon phases is a part of wellness lifestyle, and personal growth. 

As we experience that phase of the moon, we'll tailor self care practices and personal ritual. 

The emphasis is on attending to your emotional body, as it's affected by the moon phase. We'll also build awareness of our monthly physical patterns, and learn how to support them.

What participants have shared...

Much gratitude for the opportunity to participate in my 2nd Moon Cycle gathering with you! Both times it has been powerful to make the intention to release a pattern and also to adapt a new healthy one. You are brilliant, engaging and very wise. I can share what I plan to do for the Spring session. I just ordered the Moonology oracle deck. I will be using this deck to pick daily cards during the moon cycle. I will also pick a small sacred object to keep in my pocket or somewhere on me during the cycle to remind me during every day that the moon cycle is unfolding and as a talisman/taliswoman to touch, hold and strengthen me as I commit to adopting my new pattern.

Christine L

Thank you for this circle. It was just what I needed! Thank you for all the information you provided us and wonderful tools. I now feel empowered with the wisdom you have shared. I look forward to taking other workshops with you.

Norma Bauchman

I LOVED this conversation, the intimacy, the authenticity and your guidance made for a very fulfilling experience. ....somehow, I sense that I'm not the only one challenged by this need to make time for rejuvenation and reclamation as a woman. Thanks so much for the example you are and the inclusive way that you teach.

Laura Franke

HI Dr Siva, I want to send you my heart felt gratitude for all the teachings and your presence and energy. I personally have found the moon cycle journey with you, and other participants, very powerful, I LOVE your direct no BS approach and how you see through all the stories we (I) tell ourselves. I have since done the dark moon ritual on my own a couple of days ago, and it was so empowering. Thank you, thank you, thank you! I look forward for the practicse and wisdom to evolve with me over months and years. Sending you so much love and blessings from Bristol UK.

Uli Blackwell

Your Ayurvedic approach to understanding the intimate connection between women's rhythms and the lunar cycles was unbelievably simple, practical and empowering. This primordial wisdom is what's missing from today's teachings on women's health. I feel re-inspired to reconnect with my sacred womb in ways that truly honors and aligns with the shifting energies of Mother Moon. I highly recommend this program for women of all ages searching for physical and psycho-spiritual wholeness. This circle speaks to the divine feminine and encourages women to embrace our monthly cycles while tapping into our own powers of healing.

Joan Ngo