Understand the connection of your hormonal cycles, and your emotions with the phases of the moon. We’ll go over basic lifestyle practices, reproductive tissue supportive practices, foods and essential oils as a part of the ritual strengthening of our circadian, and monthly rhythms governed by the moon.


This is not a webinar. I will not be sending replays. This is a personal, real - time circle. We customize what we cover to YOU. 


I have an MD, and incredible training in Ayurveda. You'll get my expertise and my personal research over a decade. 


We'll cover the interaction between the emotional body and the physical body. And, the rites of menopause, menses, pregnancy.

"My heart is blown open right now! I feel so good to be a wombyn after learning about our special powers! And am inspired to be more aware of what I need emotionally as I shift through the month."


"I never thought of menopause as anything other than "the curse" and this workshop has opened me up to the guidance from my heart on how to approach this phase of life. "

R. D-R.

"Siva - learning with you is AMAZING!!! You bring the spiritual and science together, and made me feel safe to share my story. THANK YOU!"

B. W.

"After having miscarriages, and failing IUI, and SO much stress around having a baby, I feel like I can exhale. Thanks to this workshop, I now get the missing pieces in my fertility struggle, and am so excited to reconnect with my womb! Thanks Siva!"

C. A.

SATURDAY, Oct 20 10a PST 

This is an interactive learning experience. We meet online.  I'll teach, and then we'll address your personal journey and needs. Each one is unique, as it's tailored to what you want to learn about. 

This is not a sales funnel webinar. It's just a workshop on a topic dear to my heart. 

Every woman could use this wisdom. It's changed how I live, how I manifest, and how I feel.



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