one moon cycle together - guided program

In this intimate women's circle, I'll lead us through one moon cycle. As we experience that phase of the moon, we'll learn about the energetics, build self insight, and tailor self care practices. The emphasis is on attending to your emotional body, as it's affected by the moon phase. We'll also build awareness of our monthly patterns, and learn how to support them.

Moon phases and women's rituals - every woman could use this wisdom. It's changed how I live, how I love myself.

May 10 - 26 7p EST online
This is a 4 session program for women. Sessions (30min each) are held online May 10 (new moon),17, 24 and 26 (full moon).

My lovely ladies in UK/AU/EU - it was important for me to teach while the moon is out, which makes it very late in your time zone. Please know that all sessions will be recorded. This is a lifelong practice so materials will be easy to reference. 

Understand the connection of your hormonal cycles, and your emotions with the phases of the moon.

We’ll go over basic lifestyle practices, reproductive tissue supportive practices, foods and essential oils as a part of the ritual strengthening of our circadian, and monthly rhythms governed by the moon.


"My heart is blown open right now! I feel so good to be a wombyn after learning about our special powers! And am inspired to be more aware of what I need emotionally as I shift through the month."


"I never thought of menopause as anything other than "the curse" and this workshop has opened me up to the guidance from my heart on how to approach this phase of life. "


"Siva - learning with you is AMAZING!!! You bring the spiritual and science together, and made me feel safe to share my story. THANK YOU!"


"After having miscarriages, and failing IUI, and SO much stress around having a baby, I feel like I can exhale. Thanks to this workshop, I now get the missing pieces in my fertility struggle, and am so excited to reconnect with my womb! Thanks Siva!"


"What an AMAZING gathering! Thank you for sharing your wisdom, grace, guidance and positive vibes with us on Saturday. That was 3.5 hours well spent and I felt so blessed and grateful (and proud of myself for showing up for me) to have been a part of the session. The wisdom and guidance you shared was mind blowing and life changing....really. This went a whole level deeper than any of our work (and we've gone pretty deep!) The timing was perfect because I was, and now am, ready to receive, understand and practice at a whole new and beautiful level. Thank you for the gentle nudge to join the workshop. I can truly say that I now appreciate and better understand that how I live my life, who I allow in my life, what I think, and how I show up ( or don't show up) for myself affects me at the deepest cellular level and not just on the surface. We started working together in 2010 and I can truly say that I continue to learn from you in ways that I could never have imagined. Thank you for being you, for your wisdom, for telling it like it is, and for your gentle yet direct advice on how to nurture my body, mind and soul in a way that helps me to live my best life and be my best self. By the way....what I learned on Saturday inspired me to try a Zumba class last night for the first time. I shook my womb like no one's business! Thank you my friend and wonderful teacher....."


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