Finally…a Practical, Actionable (and Easy) Guide to AYURVEDA

Say Goodbye to Confusing Charts, Tedious Routines and Endless Rules!

INTRODUCING "Meet Ayurveda":

A supported 15 day intensive where we'll apply the timeless wisdom of Ayurveda to YOUR life. Watch the video below to learn more!


For LESS than the cost of my Intake Appointment, you'll get over 2 weeks of me leading you into Ayurveda. Let's do this together!


Hi, I'm SIVA!

So, you’re interested in wellness lifestyle. You’ve taken supplements. You’ve tried meditating. And, you care about healthy eating.

But this yogic lifestyle thing still hasn't "clicked." 

There's SO much to remember. It feels a lot more theoretical than practical. You haven't had the life transformation everyone talks about...yet.

I'm here to help!

With over a decade of experience teaching conscious lifestyle and an MD and Master's in Public Health, I blend Eastern Wisdom with Western Medicine to help busy people like you apply timeless principles and live to feel well—body, mind & spirit.

bringing together East & West, Mind & Body

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What you'll learn OVER 15 Days

I get it! Online learning can feel overwhelming. That's why Meet Ayurveda is so doable.  15 days of bitesize emails. 30 min/day. Lifetime access to go at your own pace. 

What is Ayurveda?

How Ayurveda differs from other healing systems (and all the basics you need to get started)

Your energetics

Constitutions: what is yours (and what that means for your health)

your current state

Understanding your Current State and what it reflects about you (and your potential)

finding balance

Detecting imbalance (and where it arises) and returning to a balanced state the easy way

Why They Joined "Meet Ayurveda"

Testimonials, Praise and Reviews

Christina P. Says:

"Ayurveda changed my life. I am not exaggerating or being ironic; Ayurveda has empowered me to manage my energy and the energy of the world around me so that I can manage my health."

Nicole C. Says:

"Siva, that was AMAZING. I have been reading books on Ayurveda, websites, etc. for so many years. Never has anybody explained it so well, and I learned more in one hour then I have ever had."

Lisa M. Says:

"Dr. Siva's engaging personality and whip smart knowledge bring the mysteries of Ayurveda to vibrant life."

Yoga lifestyle is ayurveda.

Plus, 10 hours of training that you can use towards credit for your YTT, or your YA hours.



  • easy-to-use course dashboard
  • book to take you deeper
  • worksheets to instantly apply what you learn
  • self reflective exercises
  • lifetime access
I'm in!



automatically withdrawn on the same day each month

  • easy-to-use course dashboard
  • book to take you deeper
  • worksheets to instantly apply what you learn
  • self reflective exercises
  • lifetime access
Let's go!

"Ayurveda Changed Your Life?"


"This has been the most interesting, informative, fascinating, powerful, intriguing introduction to Ayurveda. I am in awe about how knowledgeable, experienced and excellent teacher Siva is - PHENOMENAL. Much of her information has touched me to the point that I want to know more, get more in depth for my own good. Siva's professional, intellectual, personal and educational expertise are impressive. "

Ellie N.

"In a world yearning for connection, with so much disconnection guiding us - this workshop guided me toward truly understanding that. I am always thrilled to understand the connection of mind, emotional, and physical body - and the connection to those of others. Thank you Siva! <3"

Susan K.

"Before this, I came from the understanding that the doshas and ayurveda were predominantly the ways you heal the physical body. Learning about the spiritual aspec has given me a taste of all the possibilities of understanding my spiritual self even more. "

Briona C.

"I knew I needed self-healing and I knew detoxing wasn't enough of what I need. When Siva went in depth about the practice of Ayurveda, I knew this is what my self-healing process was craving. I am excited to become more knowledgeable with Ayurveda to begin my self-healing. "

Tammy A.

"Siva was extremely knowledgeable, patient, and engaging. As a healthcare professional myself, I valued her background in Western Medicine and respected her viewpoints. I feel called to implement ayurveda in my own life and offer it as a tool for my patients. "


"The presentation was clear and uplifting. I like how Ayurveda stresses autonomy and reminds me that I'm in control of my emotional and physical well being. Siva's teaching was empowering!"

Hayley B.

"I enjoyed most the comparison between Western and Ayurvedic approaches. Thank you Siva for bringing peace and harmony (or more of it) into our daily lives!"

Behnaz B.

"Siva's Introduction to Ayurveda led me to greater acceptance of myself and realizing the need for me to take better care of myself if I want to be able to express my better parts. Siva not only has great knowledge but also great intuition."

Pamela L.

Understand your life, and your wellbeing, in a whole new way.

In just over two weeks, you're going to have fresh insight into the energetics of your life, and your body.



I'm ready!



Let's go!

is this for you?

While Ayurveda is for everyone, MEET AYURVEDA is not. Why? Because this 15 day online course isn't some magic herbal regimen or diet. However, this course IS for you if you are:

Option Overwhelmed

You're a problem solver. You tried diet changes and supplements in the past, but you haven't found the right fit for your body.


An over-analyzer

You judge everything based on should's and shouldnt's. You want to get past that and make balanced choices for your health.


A rule breaker

If breaking a few rules means you're happier and healthier, so be it! You prefer flexible, creative approaches to one-size-fits all guidelines.


I am committed to making sure MEET AYURVEDA works for you. Click below to learn about my Learning Guarantee (no one else in the industry offers anything like it).


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