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We love to co-create events with YTT programs, studios, wellness centers, festivals, and retreats all over the world. Dr. Siva will wow your audience, in any setting.

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The Signature FoodSexSleep Talk

This is the workshop to wake us up! Dr. Siva wants to touch as many women as possible with this information on the pillars of our wellness.

Workshop Description

No matter how much yoga you do, you won’t find health, or emotional wellbeing, if your food-sex-sleep areas of life are a mess. That’s why Ayurveda lifestyle is built on self-loving approaches to food, sex, and sleep decisions.


This 2-Hour workshop includes FoodSexSleep aspects of health and lifestyle, defining optimal FoodSexSleep, signs of imbalance, self assessment exercise, healing practices and live case studies.  



Book the space for the workshop (plus 30 minutes before and after for prep and overage), promote the event and register the people, think approximately $40/person materials fee, guarantee 20 people minimum.



We make the travel arrangements, provide workshop follow-up resources, and provide branded instagram and facebook digital assets for promotions.

Dr. Siva's Press Kit

For some, you might have all you need. For others, you may want even more information. Ya'll can click right here.

"other" workshops

There's more where this comes from! For now, here are a few topics Dr. Siva LOVES to teach to get your imagination percolating... Don't see what you need? Siva's happy to customize a workshop for your audience and event.

Moon & Womb

Get connected to how moon phases affect you, understand shakti and manifestation practices, learn about the functions of the female reproductive system and more...

calming anxiety

Everyone has it.

We're either meditating or medicating our anxiety. In this workshop, we explore some root causes of anxiety, and learn it's function in our lives. 

rhythm & rituals

Modern life is often without rhythm, and this can throw off our internal clock. In this workshop, learn how ritual, the sense, and rhythm can support healthy sleep and self-care. 

Where the Juice Is

We'll explore how our lifestyles are affecting our reproductive tissues, our ability to feel inspired, and even our vulnerability to reproductive cancers (some of the most common). 

What to Eat

Learn how Ayurveda guides us to adjust our foods, based on what our digestion is communicating with us.

How to Eat

While we're busy focusing on what we eat, we're missing a big opportunity to feel better in our digestive experience. 

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