Why most Wellness Businesses fail

Most Ayurveda businesses fail? Yup. 

I’m sad to say only a small fraction of Ayurveda students actually take their dream to the manifestation of a sustainable business. The majority of program grads never get past a few free exploratory offerings to family and friends. 

Over the last 15+ years of having a successful Ayurveda business, I’ve watched the trends and here are what I think are the main reasons why most well meaning wellness entrepreneurs don’t find their footing. 

No clear niche

The struggle against niching is real. I personally also found it too restrictive feeling, in the beginning. Now, I understand from experience that if you are not clearly able to speak to exactly how you are going to help a client shift, they cannot know with certainty if they want what you offer. In my process (Mentorship and Bootcamp), I guide budding entrepreneurs to define a “Core Shift” before they start building offers. It forms the foundation of what the business is about, and helps to define your niche, target audience, and marketing messaging. 

Using someone else’s model/structure to create your business

I’ve had many Ayurveda students come to me after investing a lot of money and time being taught how to do a signature 12 week program, or to create an App, or a membership. Invariably, no matter what the offer is, if it is just one type of offer, that’s not going to work. We all need an “offer stack” or set of offerings that I like to think of as a staircase. We need something that is the first step, and the second, and so on. I teach this as constructing a “Value Ladder,” or a way for clients to grow and deepen in their healing work with you. 

Doesn’t take into account your life

Our lives form the container of our creation. If you don’t have time and energy, or space, how will you create a successful business? Many are caretakers, have other jobs, or are financially stretched and trying to build a business. It’s doable. I built my business through a divorce and being a single mother and provider to two littles. But, it’s only going to work if we set it up to be realistic and phasic based on your life factors. 

Key Takeaways:  Take your time to get clear on your Core Shift before designing your offers. Create a tiered suite of offerings.  Take into consideration what’s going on in your life and build around that. 

Of course, we need support, and tools, and these approaches alone will not guarantee success. However, without these approaches, a wellness business is unlikely to succeed, so incorporating them is essential. 

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