The biggest block to your success


Not having support is the biggest block to our success. We all are our own biggest obstacles. Because we come with core wounds and insecurities, and limiting beliefs. 

We know this to some extent.

Yet, we expect that we will just be able to somehow motivate ourselves, make ourselves follow through, be able to just get past our emotional blocks…on our own. 

That’s not a self loving, or realistic approach to accomplishing what you have not before. 

In healing, we are meant to have support. It’s invaluable to have someone witnessing your growth, and cheering you on, even if they have no idea about business. 

This used to come in the form of elders, community, and mentors. These days, it comes in the forms of coaches and programs which give us new tools and accountability and experienced insight. 

With that support, we can show up for our goals and achieve them while we evolve our old limiting patterns. 

This holds true for the more abstract block of believing you are worthy to offer value to your potential clients, and for the more concrete steps necessary to create a successful business. 

For example, world-famous Sales Funnel expert Brendan Burchard cites that the most common selling failure is that people don’t show up to create a sales funnel, even after he teaches them how to do it well. 

This demonstrates the fact that we need more than basic knowledge. We need support. 

Below are the ways in which I can support your business success. If not with me, gift yourself support, because creating a sustainable business in wellness is no easy feat. 

Ayurveda Business Mentorship

8 week small group coaching to structure your Ayurveda business for success.

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Ayurveda Business Setup Guide

a DIY 12 week program to set up your Ayurveda Business. 

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Student Mentorship Consult

a private 30 min session to give you personalized suggestions on entering the study or practice of Ayurveda based on your specific situation

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