Cleaning up your 'Money'

How I cleaned up my 'Money'

Ok, so I'm not talking about money laundering. lol. 

I'm talking about cleaning up funky money energetic patterns. 

I know most people don't talk about money and health. I find that financial stability and money energetics affect us in a big way. This is one of the top causes of stress, and imbalance in the reproductive (think lower chakras relating to stability), digestive, and emotional systems. 

Let's face it. Money is a big determinant of health behavior, and wellbeing. 

I grew up with immigrants figuring out their way, an overspending mother and a CPA turned Controller type dad. I could break down the details of how money was run in our household and why I've imprinted the way I have, but it's irrelevant. 

What matters is how it felt. I felt victimized and volatile in my relationship with money.

Generally speaking, we continue to attract situations that match how we learned to feel about money. Established patterns continue. 

"Enough, stable, comfortable, abundant" - these are all relative terms. There is no exact amount of money that gives you these energetic states. 

My point - how you feel and think about money will determine your money situation/energetic patterns. Cleaning up the energetics of money means shifting these patterns to be more balancing, or better feeling, for you

Just as I would balance my patterns in any area of life, I'm going to cultivate the opposite qualities to what I am suffering from. In this case, my desired qualities to nurture in my money relationship are empowered and stable. 

In order to make choices around money that allowed me to feel empowered and stable, I have to change long held perspectives and beliefs. This also leads to new choices around money. 

By observing my patterns, I know how to choose new thoughts, and actions, to match my intention of feeling empowered and stable with money - I've completely upleveled my experience of money using this approach, and plan to keep doing so. It's not an overnight process to change, but we can make significant shifts in short periods.  


When you have the ability to observe your patterns and shift them to feel best - you can improve how every aspect of your life feels - including money. 

1. Observe existing patterns/ qualities with money which don't feel good

2. Get clear on the healing/opposite qualities

3. Make your choices in alignment with your desired qualities

4. Change the perspectives and beliefs which block you from feeling your desired qualities, to ones which support them

5. Keep repeating in microdecisions over time 

Here's a glimpse into some pattern shifts that helped me clean up the energetics I was taking in from my financial world. I learned what I needed to change based on what I was experiencing, and you may relate if you have similar patterns. These are just examples to demonstrate the practice. 

Relevant Perspective Shifts (more for situations you are currently in)

  • If people owe me, I will benefit from the good deed of having supported them, and the money will come back to me in other ways. 
  • I would rather choose to feel easy about money than to overspend and feel stressed. I'm unavailable for feeling overleveraged financially. 
  • I am happy to spend money on good food, and memorable experiences.
  • My bookkeeper removes so much stress - no more receipt saving - and that is worth every penny I spend on her.
  • Going over all my purchases is relatively useless, and VP imbalancing. I focus instead on having plenty to pay my needs. 

Core Belief Shifts (beliefs long held)

  • My needs have always been met and will continue to be
  • I don't need to sacrifice my wellbeing being stressed out or working hard to attract money. In fact, I attract most easily when I feel clear and nourished
  • I make good choices around money. My investments have all been worthwhile. 
  • I only spend when I feel aligned with the exchange.
  • I only invest in quality and sustainability. 

New Choices

  • financial self check-in with regularity to stay clear and strategic about my money handling
  • Autopay, so I don't even have to think about paying bills. It's fun when I earn good mileage.
  • there is always enough, so I don't speak words that say otherwise
  • I don't carry debt with anyone.
  • I only speak and think positively about my investments
  • Stop mentioning how expensive things are to my kids (eating out, buying them things, providing)

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