[Ayurveda Business Mentorship] Clarity breeds Confidence


Are you just excited about helping people and unclear on how?

Unfortunately, enthusiasm and passion alone is not going to cut it.

Building a sustainable service based business, and one that is selling our own talents, is a rare feat. The vast majority of people that set out with some Ayurveda training and a dream, don't ever get to achieve a successful Ayurveda business. 

The number one block to moving forward is a lack of clarity. Not knowing 

- the true purpose behind your offerings

- what your offerings should be, and how they will logistically fit in your life

- how the money flows will work and how much you will make

- whether your ideas will be well received

- whether you will be good at delivering your offerings

- how you should handle pricing, promos, and refunds

- who you should target as clients

- how to build your audience

That lack of clarity leads to a swirl of possibilities. Vata! Overwhelm!...And usually, a comforting reach towards work which is more familiar, or predictable. But not seeing through our creative vision does not feel good. It builds up as unfulfilled in the emotional body, and decreases our self confidence. 

Perhaps worse, is the experience of diving in, and spending a lot of time, energy, and resources, only to have nothing to show for it. I've seen this over and over again. All that work goes to waste, and we end up with all the effects on our psyche of feeling like we failed despite trying so hard. 

One of the most valuable aspects of mentorship, is the clarity you will build - about yourself and your business. If you are going to invest yourself to making a vision a reality, take the time to feel supported and clear first. 

You can do that with a business coach, or with a group coaching program. If you have an entrepreneurial background, you can likely do this with some basic market research and feedback from colleagues. Here is what to watch out for if you are considering group coaching programs. [link to blog on this topic]

A few opportunities I have to support your clear structure and path forward are below. 

Ayurveda Business Mentorship

8 week small group coaching to structure your Ayurveda business for success.

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Ayurveda Business Setup Guide

a DIY 12 week program to setup your Ayurveda Business. 

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Student Mentorship Consult

a private 30 min session to give you personalized suggestions on entering the study or practice of Ayurveda based on your specific situation

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