50 hrs of goodness

September 2019 - January 2020

One weekend a month. Sat & Sun 1-6pm @ LMU campus

$995 per semester

Counts towards YTRX, Yoga Studies Masters @LMU, IAYT, and YA certifications. 


"I highly recommend the Ayurveda Self Care courses offered through LMU Extension! The teachers Felicia Tomasko and Siva Mohan are very knowledgeable about the subject and allow the course to be accessible to everyone regardless of previous knowledge or practice. The course covers an overview of the science and allows you to practice what you are learning so that you can experience the benefits you may be sharing with clients in the future. It is a great learning experience and very comforting environment. I did not want the courses to end!"

Krista Pasquarella

"Ayurveda for Self Care at LMU was such an OMazing class. I highly recommend it to everyone. The instructors Felicia Tomasko, RN and Dr Siva Mohan, MD are Ayurvedic Specialists. They have a wealth of knowledge on what Ayurveda truly is and how to incorporate these wonderful self care tools in our everyday busy lives. Class is engaging, simplified, relevant and fun! Loved it and can’t wait to learn more from these lovely ladies. "

Norma Bauchman

""The Ayurveda and Self-Care class was informative and inspirational! Both instructors conveyed a depth of knowledge and taught passionately.""

Barbara Witzer

"Fabulous. knowledgeable. passionate. kind. Loved the experiential portions of class!"

"I loved the structure of this course. very well planned and organized. I enjoyed the way the instructors brought in Ayurvedic spices/tools and a "hands on" approach and techniques- lecture was very interesting. Both Felicia ad Siva made the class fun, and a wonderful learning experience. "

"Informative and experiential - will continue to practice techniques and tools!"

"Very "use-able" information - things that are easily incorporated into a daily routine. "

"Very instructive, educational and life changing. Thank you Felicia and Siva. The practices make me feel safe. "

"SIva and Felicial compliment each other in style and perspective which makes a more meaningful experience for the course. Emphasizes what Ayurvedic self care is about- the individual. Truly relatable to bring an ancient system into my current day self care needs assessment and development."

"Very personable and great student engagement. More classes! "

Designed for you, if you love...


Getting caught up in the fast pace of life is happening to the best of us.

Making the time to regularly check in with our monthly sessions is one of the best ways to balance. 


We like to taste, touch, and try out the tools of Ayurveda. 

As the class is geared towards implementing for your self care, you'll be assigned self care practices. 


Not only do you have instructors whom have been teaching for decades, you'll have access to our incredible network of guest experts on meditation, mantra, nutrition, yantra, and more!


We all have online courses that we've purchased and never finished. 

Enjoy the magic of masterminding together, and personalizing our learning experience. 


Traditional Ayurveda can be challenging to reconcile with modern life, science, and tools. 

We're trained in Western medicine, and focus on applying Ayurveda in modern context. 


We focus on using this science for your benefit, and your self-inquiry process. 

We're teaching you how to support your own wellbeing, not becoming a practitioner. 

Sept 7-8  -Introduction, Doshas, Constitutions & Current State

Oct 5-6 - Seasons, Cycle & Dinacharya

Nov 2-3 - Digestion, Food & Kitchen Apothecary

Nov 30-Dec 1 - Subtle Body & Emotional Wellness

Jan 4-5 - Yoga and Ayurveda & Self-Reflection Project


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